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Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 12:56:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Keith Baxter

Hi Neil,
I've been searching and finding new ways to be happy for the last eight years

but never found one so easy, so portable and so fun as "tickling it forward", Thanks,

*          *          *


"I LOVE this book!!! It really is something for everyone!!"

-  Marie-Louise Oosthuysen, Brain Education Researcher


*          *          *


"You have a winner.  It really all makes sense when you put it in the words of the people you interviewed. 

You've done a fantastic job and  I really want to read again, because it really is an easy read."  

- Jim Mullica, Screenwriter


*          *          *


"This book is just so MUCH FUN! I LOVE IT!"  -Michelle McCoskey, Computer Software Team, Apple/IBM


*          *          *


"Yesterday in a train (where I'm the most creative) I had been reading the book on my Ipad and as I wrote before I complete merged with it. I felt so inspired I started writing. It's not only the book that brings this change in me to the forefront but I feel it definitely has a huge positive influence and contribution to my creativity." - Dr. Thomas Meyers, Osteopath, Brussels Belgium


300 Pages  105,000 words  100 Illustrations



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Turning on the best part of your brain can be as simple as imagining a feather inside your head. And now, the latest brain science and brain imaging has proven that thought really is the most incredible Mind Over Gray Matter!


The Amygdala has been a non-secret since this little magic brain button started appearing in mammals over 65 million years ago. Its just that your kindergarten teacher- and everybody else-  forgot to explain this to you after you finished putting away your blocks.


This book will show you how to turn on the most powerful Brain Radar in the entire You-Niverse. Its waiting for you right between your ears.


Part One: The Illustrated Tickle Your Amygdala is a fun, simple, and quick explanation to help you get the general idea of what amygdala tickling is all about.

Part Two: The Amygdala Tickling Three Course Gourmet Presentation includes "Detailed  Explanations of Amygdala Tickling, "Amygdala Interviews, and "Ways to Do It, including the science behind amygdala tickling and 52 Ways to Tickle- Thats a new way to turn on the best part of your brain for every week of the year.


Featuring Neil's 56 conversations with: Marilyn Auer Editor-in-Chief Bloomsbury Review, Jeff Bailey Vegas Dealer, Dr. Lawrence Blair Psycho-Anthropologist, Josh Blue Comedian and Winner of "Last Comic Standing", Laurel Bouchier Acupuncturist, Jim Casart CPA, Dr. Cheryl Chessick, M.D., Psychiatrist, Paul Conly Pioneering Rock Musician, Vic Cooper Automotive Repair and Refinish Expert, Eric Daanger Musician , Sean Danato History-Psychology, Suzanna Del Vecchio International Oriental Dance Artist, Paul Epstein Musicphile/Businessman, Mark Foster Percussionist, Walter Gerash U.S. Supreme Court Attorney, Ina Hambrick  Yoga School Owner/Teacher, Shari Harter Enquiring Mind, Glenda Heath Masseuse, Sarah Jaeger Ceramic Artist, Terry Jones founding member Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Bernd Jost Senior Publishing Editor Rowohlt Verlag, Paul Kashman Newspaper Owner, Ramon Kelley International Artist, Shirley Kenneally Recording Studio Owner, Dr. Stanley Kerstein, M.D., Physician, Julia Lu Artist, Jean Massey Behavior-Guidance Counselor, Mike McCartney Music Teacher, Michelle McCosky Apple/IBM Software, Tom Meyers Osteopath, Gary Michael Speaker/Consultant, Kent Miller Attorney, James Mullica Screenwriter, Dr. Robert Neuman M.D., Neurosurgeon, George Noory Talk Radio Show Host, Nils Olaf Psychiatrist, Marie-Louise Oosthuysen Brain Researcher, Bobby Reginelli Journalist, Robert Reginelli Sr. Stockbroker, Will Rickards Mountaineer, Kyle Ridgeway Physical Therapy-Neuroscience, Debra Ann Robinson Meditation Instructor, Broz Rowland Record Producer, Chuck Schneider Jazz Musician, Robert Schneider Writer, Dr. Britt Severson, M.D. Physician, Steven Snyder World Class Piano Technician, Elizabeth Slowley Massage Therapist, Palma Lee Stephens Neuro-Transcriptionist, Nancy Talbott Scientific Crop Circle Research, Thomas Taylor Barista, Karl Teriki Brain Education, Scout Wise Film Maker, Sky Wise Author, and even a few words from Frank Zappa Musician.





Rob Schneider, Writer: "But anyway, one day I was driving along, thoroughly depressed, and I did a little amygdala click and became completely blissed out."

NS: (laughs) "You werent taking any drugs, correct?

RS: "No- no drugs whatsoever, but it was as if I had taken a very strong one- it was that big a change. That feeling persisted for a good six or eight months I guess. A permanent high. Every time I clicked forward Id get on a big high. It was simply that flip, that simple little flip of the amygdala. This is what is so extraordinary to me, that it happened, and that there wasnt anything subtle about it. It was just a complete change of outlook.



  As featured in the book, one of Dr. Lawrence Blair's research subjects, John Chang-  this is authentic footage, and no trickery is involved in these demonstrations-



 All Rights Reserved.

"Tickle Your Amygdala", "Click Your Amygdala", "Frontal Lobes Supercharge", "Brain Magic", and "Brain Radar"

are Trademarks of Neil Slade Brain Books, Music, and Film



By research247 Amazon Review
Format:Kindle Edition

"This is a masterpiece.

-If you want to learn about your emotions, how to manage automatic reactions with conscious choice, ie. smelling a pleasant fragrance to get out of negative mind set, this will start you well on the way to discovering what makes some parts of you tick!"


*          *          *


"Hi Neil,  really liked your new book.  Bought two. Thank you."-  Lois


*          *          *

5.0 out of 5 stars Insightful, January 7, 2013
I would definitely recommend this book, it was a fun read, easily understandable and the kindle version offered many great links to related sources. Consider my amygdala popped!!  :-)

*          *          *

5.0 out of 5 stars Lifesaver May 15, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I've been reading about brain function and health and mind control and all kinds of new-agey business, and I have to say, this is the most down-to-earth guide to using your brain in a powerful and intuitive way yet very light on the spiritual mumbo jumbo. Don't get me wrong, I like the spiritual approach, but sometimes you need a bit of nuts and bolts to stop yourself from going crazy. The ideas here are powerful and life-changing, and will get you out of your rut.

*          *          *

April 23, 2012

How do you get people to believe that a simple technique like tickling your amygdala makes a difference... well I must give it to you Neil I really think it's was a great idea to interview people from all walks of life to talk about their experiences and to interlace their story in the book to show that this is real. Excellent work again like with your other books I really got captivated by it.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. (Albert Einstein)

*          *          *

5.0 out of 5 stars A good look at getting started in something new, December 30, 2012
Arnold (Warrens, WI, United States)
This was an interesting expansion of thinking and looking at individual patterns of how to set up mode expansion and implementation  

*          *          *

5.0 out of 5 stars It works!, August 4, 2012
ScottSgr "Scott" (Castle Rock, CO USA)
Tickling your Amygdala is so easy that it's easy to dismiss. You can do it in sixty seconds with your eyes open while busy. That makes this the absolute best book on personal improvement I have ever bought. It may even bring back to life other books on personal improvement that you have bought when you try them again with a freshly tickled Amygdala!

*          *          *

5.0 out of 5 stars Great fun and informative!, April 17, 2012
Russ (Colorado)

I agree with the first reviewer... "a masterpiece"! It is a fun book to read and has a lot of information. Love the illustrations and the interviews are great! I especially liked the interviews with Terry Jones and Josh Blue. The Kindle version is especially good because it has links that you can go to for more information.





See this page for an audio preview


300 Pages  105,000 words  100 Illustrations



Orders INCLUDE Priority or First Class Air Mail Shipping

Each physical order includes the 80 Minute"Tickle Your Amygdala" Audio CD


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Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone,

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z)Uz)U C9U`40U({)Uz)U@z)Uolor="#FFFFFF"> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amygdala
   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T._D._A._Lingo  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frontal_lobe 




SAMPLE FROM "Tickle Your Amygdala"


NOTE: The online Kindle and Epub Electronic Digital Book version books contain dozens of instant online embedded web links that open up web pages with related articles, pictures, video, and audio online.






PART ONE: The Illustrated Tickle Your Amygdala is a fun, simple, and quick explanation to help you get the general idea of what amygdala l is all about. Now you have something to share with that cute guy or girl sitting next to you on the bus or in the coffee shop when you cant think of anything else to say.

PART TWO: The Amygdala Tickling Three Course Gourmet Presentation includes 1) Detailed Explanations of Amygdala Tickling, 2) Amygdala Interviews, and 3) Ways to Do It. This includes the science behind amygdala tickling, stories, and 52 Ways to Tickle- Thats a new way to turn on the best part of your brain for every week of the year.

The Amygdala Interviews are excerpts from fifty-six conversations I had with people from all over the world, many of them top experts in their chosen field. It is a diverse selection of people in many occupations and of many interests from the age of twenty to eight-five years old. The original conversations far exceeded one-hundred hours total, all spent in glial-ful conversation, with the most relevant portions presented here for your own frontal lobes pleasure.

 Some of the people I spoke with are quite well known, but others you probably have not heard of before. Importantly, however, they all have the same basic mind motor that you have, and it fundamentally works in the very same way yours does. The thread that ties all of these unique tales together is the story of how the human brain produces amazing results when the amygdala is tickled forward.

Having the ability to instantly tickle your own brain is having a lovely cake that magically reappears as soon as you think youve finished it off. What could be better?


The amygdala and what it does has been a non-secret since amygdala started appearing in the brains of mammals over 65 million years ago. All you have to do is pay attention to it. This book is just a post-it note reminder about something your parents and your first grade teacher probably never told you about way back in grade school when you were busy gawking at pictures of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

So then- onward to some 22nd Century brain magic...


-Neil Slade, March, 2012











*          *          *

Robert Schneider


RS: "But anyway, one day I was driving along, thoroughly depressed, and I did a little amygdala click and became completely blissed out.

NS: (laughs) "You werent taking any drugs, correct?

RS: "No. No drugs whatsoever, but it was as if I had taken a very strong one- it was that big a change. That feeling persisted for a good six or eight months I guess. A permanent high. Every time I clicked forward Id get on a big high. It was simply that flip, that simple little flip of the amygdala. This is what is so extraordinary to me, that it happened, and that there wasnt anything subtle about it. It was just a complete change of outlook.    

*          *          *


Imagine you have a feather inside your brain.

Use it to directly tickle your brains Pleasure Spot.

Thats one way to Tickle Your Amygdala.


Do you sometimes feel like a dog waiting for scraps, looking up at the table while the rest of the family is scarfing down a big Thanksgiving dinner?

So, how are you going to get a fat piece of that pumpkin pie, eh?



A giant super computer?

Well, its your lucky day! You already have the exact tool to get what you really want and need-

You were born owning the most POWERFUL tool on Earth. It is the most complex and remarkable device yet that anyone has ever discovered. This is your very own-





Save Money! Wipe your chin and forget about that vastly overpriced and environmentally unsound $5000 Super-Duper Liquid Cooled 100-Core Deluxe portable combo computer-cell phone-washing machine-can opener that you've been drooling over.

You ALREADY have the most amazing and powerful doo-dad ever created, and t is sitting right between your very own waxy two ears.

Fact: Your brain is an Infinity Mind Motor and Calculator with literally more possible connections than there are grains of sand on all of the beaches on Earth, more connections than there are stars in the sky on a clear dark night, or for that matter, you have more connections in your brain than the total number of elementary particles in the universe- as calculated by Dr. Carl Sagan, Dr. Richard Restak, and others.*

By comparison, any other machine is about as impressive as a lonely squirrel chewing on a stale wet watermelon seed.


*Dr. Carl Sagan, cosmologist, Cosmos (1980, 2002), The Dragons of Eden (Pulitzer Prize, 1977)

*Dr. Richard Restak, Neurologist, The Brain (1984), Mysteries of The Mind (2000)






So, what is the key to using this incredible brain machine that you have on your shoulders to figure out which way to the jackpot?

It is this:

Inside your personal super mind motor is a Master Compass that works like pure magic:


The Amygdala.


The amygdala is part of a brain circuit that quickly tells you which way to go- when you need to know it.

It tells you via emotional feedback how to know exactly what is bad for you and also what is good for you. This brain circuit computes:


Pleasurable Emotions as Reward


Unpleasant Emotions as Deterrent




Here is a photograph of a real human brain outside its container along with a couple of real amygdalae. I know this looks kind of gross, but I want to make sure readers of this book know that I am not a lunatic and just making all this stuff up.


(Above: Cross section)



You have two amygdala in your brain, but they both pretty much do the same thing. So we just say the singular "amygdala to refer to them both.


(Below: View from underneath)





*          *          *

Dr. Robert Neumann

Head Neurosurgeon, University of Colorado Medical Center Hospital

"The concept that we each have far-reaching untapped potential is a very tempting concept, because the next question it then leads one to is then, How do I get to it?

*          *          *




Although the amygdala responds to external cues and external things like a nice kiss or the promise of a new toy unwrapped, you can also self-stimulate your own amygdala directly- and powerfully- by using your own internal thoughts and behaviors. This is called





Tickling your amygdala means to observe and directly stimulate your brain's master Reward-Pleasure circuit.

You do it by using your own brain and thought processes.

Imagine that.

What could possibly be better than being able to directly tickle your own brains pleasure circuits and your Feel Good spot?!

Tickling the amygdala is easier than scratching an itch, licking your favorite flavor ice cream cone, or eating chocolate cream pie.

It is like a dessert that never runs out- even when you dont have any money in your pocket.

You can tickle your amygdala any time and at any place.

Unlike scratching your butt, you dont have to worry about being embarrassed that you are doing it in front of somebody you are trying to impress.

As it turns out, tickling your amygdala also turns on your brains built-in genius problem solving, creativity, and intelligence circuits. Thats right- in the middle of your own cranium you have the very same internal circuitry that little Albert Einstein was born with, and which he later tickled himself to write his world famous equations.

Tickling your amygdala works better than anything else for you and for everyone around you.

Tickling your amygdala is as easy as flipping a light switch on, it costs nothing, and you cant be put in jail for doing it.




This all sounds great, but, its just pretend, right?


Between 1995 and 2009, Dr. Sarah Lazar, Dr. Herbert Benson and other researchers at the Harvard Medical School demonstrated conclusively in a number of research projects that one could instantly and positively stimulate ones amygdala with sheer thought. The results were demonstrated and recorded using functional MRI brain scanning machines and have been repeated many times by others in similar laboratory experiments.

People all over the world are now reporting their ability to tickle their amygdala. Any kind of people; Smart people, silly people, professionals, unemployed workers, skateboarders, scientists, gardeners, you name it.

People just like you and your mother.




*          *          *

Marie-Louise Oosthuysen

Brain Education Researcher

You have to stimulate that neuro-pathway between the amygdala and the pre-frontal cortex, so you can think things through very quickly. And the best way to do that is to tickle the amygdala forward.

*          *          *


*          *          *

Kyle Ridgeway

Physical Therapist, (Neurophysiology)

"Just the thought of that feather really engages your imagination, its instant. It is so simple, but its instantly effective.

*          *          *




But there is not just one way to tickle your amygdala.

You will discover how to tickle your amygdala in your very own way.

When you do- youll know it:

You will smile- and even at times, fall over laughing, because its so simple to do.




When you tickle your amygdala you automatically turn on Brain Radar.         




Brain Radar is the application of "Whole Brain Power", a powerful combination of logic and reason combined with extraordinary intuitive perception.

Brain Radar provides you with seemingly "magical- but completely real means for arriving at


The Right Place at The Right Time with The Right Solution



*          *          *

Elizabeth Slowley

Massage Therapist

"What's interesting is how fast it happened, and how powerful our thoughts are. Activating our higher brain power activates our whole body vibration.

*          *          *





Your built-in Brain Radar guidance system delivers you right on target.




Brain Radar is like always having a magic wand in your pocket- except that it is not make-believe. It comes from a real understanding of how your brain works and how to access the infinite potential in yourself.


*          *          *

Paul Epstein

Independent Record Store Owner

"Im the master of my own destiny- as long as Im not afraid to do things differently.

*          *          *





Regular amygdala tickling will eventually allow you to: "Pop Your Frontal Lobes.

We are all familiar with popping chewing gum or popping your eardrums on a plane. Believe it or not- the brain is actually capable of more than that.

Popping Your Frontal Lobes is like hitting the Brain Jackpot.

It is the astonishing sudden peak "Eureka! moment of great significance, discovery, solution, understanding, and overwhelmingly positive emotion that far eclipses normal experience. You are at last licking that big ice cream cone in the sky.

If you think about it for just a few seconds, youll remember something like this has happened to you, or something quite close to it. Maybe it was just a little thing, or maybe it was a big thing.

Just think for a second and remember a time when suddenly all of the pieces fit together, when you finally got it, what you had been looking for, for all that time. You can Pop! your frontal lobes and make it happen again. And again, and again.



*          *          *

Shari Harter

S.F., CA

 "I was in the bathtub one night, and I was in a relaxed self-contained place and I was doing my visualization there. Thats how I would tickle my amygdala. I could stay focused and do that for quite a while, and then I had an inner Pop! and I recognized it.

*          *          *





You no longer have to tolerate every moment as if you are bored out of your skull, as if you are doomed to clean out your cat box for eternity.

Instead, you can choose to tickle your amygdala, turn on Brain Radar, and Pop Your Frontal Lobes in a big way and get that big piece of pie that youve been drooling over and that has been out of reach for so long.

Science has now demonstrated that the biggest and smartest part of your brain is also the most fun and pleasurable to use. Its right there waiting to be tickled by you, twenty-five hours every day.

Its as easy as well pie.



Anything else is just an accident.








(NOTz)Uz)U C9U`40U({)Uz)U@z)Us="MsoNormal" style="text-indent: 27.5pt; line-height: 150%; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0" align="center"> AND 52 AMYGDALA TICKLING ACTIVITIES IN ADDITION TO REFERENCES and ONLINE LINKS)




Chapter 6




You are a complex living organism. Unlike an amoeba that only lives about as long as a couple of old episodes of "I Love Lucy or the time it takes you to drive to the dry cleaners and back, you stick around for a relatively longer period of time, plenty of time to get into lots of trouble.

The complexity of you started long before the advent of even crummy looking black and white TV programs, something like sixty-five million years ago. This was when Mama Nature started equipping Earth mammals with a brain that could flip a whole lot more kinds of tricks than what a peanut-sized dinosaurs brain could accomplish, such as merely biting the head off of the smaller dinosaur who lived next door.

We know what happened to the dinosaurs, and it wasnt so good.

The mammals, on the other hand, thrived and survived to this day, to make pests of themselves, not only by invading the area behind your kitchen stove but also by running for government jobs every couple of years.

One of the reasons for the long success of mammals is a little bit inside the mammal brain that allows furry creatures to experience emotions. Obviously, this emotional brain area is not always functional, as observed in those upright humanoid brains that would cut off funding for badly needed social service programs without blinking an eyelash. But otherwise, this part of the brain is a working little gold nugget of neurophysiology that provides a primary function in the service of species survival.

This emotional hub of this furry mammal brain is called:




Your dog has an amygdala, a ferret has one, a mouse has one, and so does an anteater. For that matter, you do too.

The amygdala gets its name, meaning "nut in Greek, because it looks something like an almond or a walnut, not because it looks like Jerry Lewis.

Youve got two of them, one in each side of your head, one for each hemisphere of your brain.

The amygdala is a hub for forming, retrieving, and processing emotions.

The amygdala is connected to major other parts of the brain. This includes the core reactive parts of the brain which regulates basic body functions as well as the most advanced parts of the brain responsible for complex thought production, abstract creative thought, and social behaviors.

The interaction of all of these areas of the brain results in your emotional response to sights, sounds, sensations, as well as more complex ideas and cues.





As a general rule, you are attracted to things that are good for your survival by positive emotions, and you are repelled from things that are bad for your survival by negative emotions. 

By no coincidence, the amygdala is actually directly connected to your olfactory nerves, and your sense of smell. You can easily observe how odors can trigger emotions simply by taking a whiff of something you enjoy, and comparing how you feel when you smell something you do not enjoy.

Thats your amygdala- telling you to run towards fresh buttered popcorn wafting out of the bowl sitting on your kitchen counter and telling you to run away from the moldy yogurt that is crawling out of your refrigerator next to it.

In the same way that a mammal can smell danger or food far in advance of being face to face with it, your amygdala serves as an "early warning system so that you can respond long before you understand something.


Your amygdala in this sense helps you to "sniff out threats and rewards, even when you havent yet figured out why you might like or loathe something.

This emotional evaluation that you make of things that cross your path happens instantly through your amygdala, faster than you can rationally think about such things. Thats why you still have an amygdala and why its never been discarded into the evolutionary garbage heap.


But your amygdala is connected to all of your senses. So even though you cant smell it, when you see and hear an asteroid flaming down on you through the clouds, you dont think much about it- Your amygdala instantly tells you, "This is not good. Run like heck!






To "Tickle Your Amygdala means to consciously and directly stimulate the reward pathways and to activate the pleasure circuits of the human brain, not from random or external causes, but by personal will. You tickle your own amygdala, rather than have it stimulated by accident by whatever you happen to run across.

This is done by consciously invoking the brains basic frontal lobes processes of








These C.I.C.I.L. processes occur singly or in any combination determined by the individuals preferences and needs.


Your frontal lobes create a positive force expressed by CICIL: Cooperation, Imagination, Creativity, Intuition, Logic.


Cooperation: Constructive Social Interaction

Imagination: Abstract Thought, Ideation of Time

Creativity: Syntheses, New Combination of Disparate Elements

Intuition: Non-verbal Perception, Non-Linear Ideation


Apply ones frontal lobes skills completely, and you get the whole kit and caboodle- no reality hangover later on.




A SUSTAINABLE POSITIVE EMOTION is the absolute determining marker for whether the amygdala is tickled or not.

In order to insure long term positive emotion the organism MUST employ a reliable system, and that means frontal lobes thinking.


By using your frontal lobes, you can tickle your amygdala and keep on truckin.


Every person that tickles their amygdala- by whatever method- does it without exception by employing one or more frontal lobes processes of C.I.C.I.L.


Cooperation Imagination Creativity Intuition Logic



By definition, tickling your amygdala indicates enhanced long-term survival, indicated by sustainable positive emotion. The pleasurable reward response is not reversed by a "reality hangover and negative rebound after-effects.

Amygdala tickling produces effects superior to temporary and randomly stimulated reward responses that do not involve sufficient frontal lobes processes, and that are subject to negative rebound.

Tickling your amygdala results in superior problem solving abilities beyond those accessed by random discovery, negative reinforcement, or poor methods of learning.

The amygdala tickling reward process positive emotional effect may be learned and repeated to produce a positive habit which is self-reinforcing. The results of amygdala tickling are progressive and accumulative over time.



Josh Blue

Stand Up Comedian


Josh Blue tickles his audiences amygdala every time he goes on stage. He became a household name in America as the winner of the hit NBC television show Last Comic Standing, (2006). A member of the U.S. Paralympic Soccer Team, he competed in Athens at the Paralympic Games, the worlds second largest sporting event.

He continues to tour full time performing live shows on stage and on television, and has several comedy CDs, a DVD, and an upcoming book to his credit. His life and story illustrates many frontal lobes amygdala tickling principles.


NS: "Where does your humor come from? What is funny, and why?

JB: "People have such a skewed idea of what disability is and what they think I should be capable of. The fact is, Im usually smarter than the person who is condescending towards me. Thats funny to me. Its the bait and switch- Okay, you think Im that person, so Ill just lead you down that path to let you think Im that person, and then Ill switch it up at the end at a crucial point. (laughs)

NS: "What about your parents?

JB: "My parents home-schooled me. My mom is a librarian, my dad is a language professor, a genius who speaks thirteen languages. My dad told me, You dont need to know everything; you just need to know where to look it up.

NS: "He married the right woman- it was a match made in heaven.

JB: "My family is very smart, everybody in the family is a teacher, and everybody speaks different languages fluently. All my siblings went to a fancy private school, but because of my handicap my parents had to send me to a public school. It was an experiment, Lets send one to a public school and see what happens. Im not book smart like my siblings, but Im street smart and I can beat the hell out of them! (laughs)

NS: "Well, you make your living out of language, just like everybody else in your family.

JB: "Yep. And I speak three languages anyway, English, French, and Wolof, the native language of Senegal. If we were speaking Wolof, we would still be greeting each other for ten minutes, Hows your dog? Hows your house? Hows your family? How ya doing? You okay?  Just on and on. Its a very playful language.

NS: "Was your humor a mechanism for survival for being different?

JB: "Humor is the best defense- to make people laugh. If youre going to make fun of me, but Ive already said something funnier than anything youll ever say, youll look really dumb by comparison.

Although I didnt really fit the norm in school, I could cross all the cliques. I could sit at any lunch table I wanted to. I just chose the all-black girl lunch table, cause it was the most fun. Besides that, if anyone picked on me, those girls could just shred anybody, verbally or any way. (laughs)

After college I went back to Senegal for a while and did some independent study as a zookeeper, which was totally random, but life changing. One time I got the zoo to lock me into a cage for an entire day and put me on display.

NS: (laughs) "Okay, so what was that like, what happened?

JB: "I had no shirt on, just shorts. The thing was, if you take cerebral palsy and take it out of context and put it in a cage, people dont know what the heck is going on. During the afternoon, there would be like seventy people constantly around my cage feeding me peanuts and fruit.

Also, I shared a wall of bars with a four-hundred pound gorilla.

NS: "What did the gorilla think?

JB: "Well I established a relationship with him. I was one of three people in the world who could pet him. He was a beast, but cool. So I was on the other half of his enclosure. So during the days siesta, everyone has left the zoo, and I decided to stay in there and do the whole day, just like a real animal.

So Im half asleep on the concrete floor, and nobody is around and all of a sudden I hear this noise. The gorilla has got his hands around the metal door and hes bending it to get into my half of the cage.

So I had to really quickly start playing with him, running back and forth to keep him distracted so he would stop trying to break into my area, because there was nobody around to save me.

The zookeepers started calling me the Boo Boo Monkey that day, and they were telling people that they had captured me in the mountains of the Congo. And I didnt talk all day. But people were talking about me in Wolof, and nobody thought I could understand them- but it took everything to keep from laughing.

One lady starting talking to me in English and said, Youre crazy! and then I suddenly said back to her in Wolof, Youre crazier than me! which she didnt understand but everybody else standing around did, and everybody started laughing, and she didnt get it at all.

One time I got malaria, and I had to go to the doctor to get a shot. So while Im talking to the doctor I tell him, You ought to bring your kids to the zoo sometime, because I work there. So of course, the day he decides to bring his kids to the zoo is the day Im in the cage next to the gorilla in my shorts. Hes probably thinking, Oh gosh, the shot didnt work.

And hes looking at me and says through the bars, Do you remember me? And Im just in there grunting like an ape going Oo oo oo, and I made some ape sign language symbol with my hands for an injection in the butt.

NS: (laughs) "How old were you then?

JB: "I was about twenty. To be honest with you, at that point in my life I went, Okay, now I can die. If I die now, I can say that Ive done and accomplished something that probably nobody else has ever done.

NS: "For you it was that point where you said, From this point, anything else goes............


(Josh's Complete Interview and 55 more in the book.)


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