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Message From Lynda Flowers

Hi Neil,
I'm sorry I missed your interview on the Art Bell radio show. After viewing this web page that I happened on after viewing the AB message boards...I'm even more sorry. This "popping" of the frontal lobes is perhaps what I've been trying to figure out what happened to me a couple of times. However, what triggered mine was "sound",and the first time was the best time.I was involved in a group meditation (my first attempt at meditation) in which a chant was performed. At one point all the *sounds* blended into one sound....and that's when the brain squeeze hit me. A very physical feeling, deep inside my forhead....followed by an intense feeling of love and bliss. Eurphoric, if you will. Well, I obviously thought, "Hey, there certainly is something to this meditation stuff". Additional attempts at meditation brought other effects. I.E. *spinning* feeling in lower 2nd Chakra, and an experience with clarvoyance....the *sight* being better than natural sight..colors very vivid. So, did I pop a lobe? Or was what I experienced something else? Thanks for your help. Lynda, SugarBowl@msn. com

Yes, what you experienced is a perfect description of one type of frontal lobes pop...Congratulations!! Most people never get the experience even once. You are one of the fortunate few, even though "Popping your frontal lobes" is pre-programmed in every single human brain, in every person's neural circuitry. Now, the trick is more pops, of different types, of various intensities, at any given time- in a traffic jam, eating breakfast, in the supermarket, when your mother is yelling at you- evolved routine life experience via scientifical proved self-control of the amygdala and frontal lobes. Your genetic intelligence will guide you. Learn how your brain works as described on the web site, in the books. It's very simple. Practice deliberately clicking forward throughout the day, pops will continue not when your reptile brain "gimme gimme gimme" ego says, but when your frontal lobes "CICIL" advanced brain says it is time. It all depends on how much of your frontal lobes you use. My own personal experience is such that I don't deliberately go after pops, but rather engage myself in activites that are pleasurable and productive- mostly writing, practicing music (put off concerts for a while), helping folks, and walking the dogs. Activities which are engaging and which are not retilian brain egocentric will bring lots and lots of pops and Big Brain Bangs- sounds like you had a really good one. Keep it up! THEN: start teaching your freinds, family, Help mass multiply the brain revolution it all over the planet. Everybody pops their frontal lobes. End of War, everybody is having too much fun. This is one way we can cause the evolution from Human Killer Apes-Homo Saps- into Homo Novus- Earth Star Children. (Then the aliens won't be afraid to land on main street......) Keep in touch- Neil Slade

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