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Denver Silver Sphere UFO NOW IFO


See below for previous opinions- now changed after speaking with NCAR in Boulder-


Yesterday, we followed up our previous day's "UFO" sighting- just for the hell of it.


We went to the same location at the same time, and to our complete astonishment we again saw the same "silver" dot in the sky, rise over us at the exact same time of the day.


The location of the object was slightly different, and its path was different. It was also smaller- perhaps farther away.


HOWEVER, we came prepared-- we brought a telescope with us.


Although difficult to track, I managed to get it smack in the center of the field of view for at least a few moments--

and what I saw was a PERFECTLY ROUND "silver" pearl GLOBE.


This was almost certainly the same type of object I had seen years before- at approximately the same location and time of day late in the afternoon, around 4 PM. These last two sightings, a day apart came at exactly the same time, 4:15 PM, which we determined by checking our cell phone call to the UFO center.


East Denver Silver Sphere UFO incidents  


But, importantly, I saw something additional yesterday-- and that was two smaller objects hanging below the globe, and what appeared to be a line connecting all.


I wouldn't bet my life on it, but this confirmed that what I was looking at was indeed, not a visitor from another dimension, but a "weather balloon".




Of course it would have been much more intriguing and exciting NOT to see the attached smaller objects (one seemed to be red, the other below it was nothing more than a dot).


Today, I called in nearby Boulder, Colorado, the National Center For Atmospheric Research-- NCAR for short. I described what I saw, and the public relations person said that twice a day in east Denver, at about 4 AM and then 12 hours later at 4 PM (she said at Denver International Airport) was launched a "sonde", and my description matched this perfectly, as well as did the direction from which we observed it to come from.


You can see pictures here 

and here



Its one thing to see a photo, but quite another to see it hang motionless, or move slowly above you, in person or through a camera. It is completely bizarre and unexplainable unless you anticipate such a thing.


As you can tell, it has kept myself, and a number of my friends scratching their head for years- and many of my friends have seen it and not understood nor could guess what they were looking at.


It may appear motionless if seen from below as it rises directly vertically (as it did when we followed it about 3 miles east the second day), or it can even zig zag, or just slowly slowly move with the high winds. Eventually it will just disappear, either from bursting at high altitude, or just going out of  your range of sight.


A very fun personal experience, a mystery for quite a while, but now understood.



Not to be confused with a real UFO experience to which the weather balloon excuse does not fit in the least.









My written notes that day:

AMAZING-- hot off the press-- well actually, right off my DVX100A professional movie/video camera.

Today we were filming our present documentary, due in about a month. Our location was a large field in the middle of Lowry Air Force Base (now open to the public).

We had spent the day filming various scenes, including over a dozen air-force jets in the museum on the base. We came outside around 4 PM to shoot an outdoor scene, when suddenly one of the film crew spotted something unusual in the sky.

I looked up, and instantly recognized it to be the same UFO silver sphere I had seen taking my dogs out for a walk about five years ago in December of 2001- again, bizarre enough- in the exact same part of the sky. This time, I was right underneath the object, and I had a  decent camera in hand.

It was VERY VERY hard to get in the viewfinder being so bright outside, and the object was obviously miles away, but huge.

This time, however, along with me were many witnesses, included an Air Force Lt. Col, Field McConnell who commented on the sighting on video. In the background of the audio portion, you can hear my friend simultaneously calling in our observations to the National UFO Reporting Service on his cell phone.

Although we taped the object, it still doesn't look like much-- its just a big VERY bright silver globe in the sky, WAYYYYYYY up high.

It made a 180 degree turn in the sky while we watched it AGAINST the wind, and did not follow the clouds at any level

It was certainly not a plane or helicopter, both from its perfectly round shape, and the slow speed at which it flew.

We watched it for 10-15 minutes total as it passed out of sight into the south-- then we went on with our scheduled filming.




*           *           *

Original UFO print  



Updated East Denver Silver Sphere UFO incidents  (see video top of page for latest)


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