This is brain music to make you smile, laugh, and to tickle your amygdala forward.


(Photo:  Lola faces off with Chloe for something yummy-  note, both wearing their fur coats...)




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Music by Yatsutaka Nakata

English Adaptation and All Performance by Neil Slade-

Vocals: Lola and Vero Hearne, and Julia Lu


"You'd be cute if you lost some weight"

I'm upset 'cause you told me that

Tummy hurts when I pinch it there

I'll work hard, make my clothes look good

Oh my gosh, try to look so thin,

Got to grab that big candy bar

Chewy chewy yum boy it tastes so good

Me and you need some self-control right now


Come on into my office

Make sure to bring some choc'late

I want to be so cute and fashionable


But I want to eat

I want to eat

Give me some more

I like to eat!


Do do be do do be do do be do

Do do be do do be do do be do

I'm gonna be cute the cutest cutie

Do do be do do be do do be do oh  yeah

Pumpkin pie, ice cream on pancakes, soda

Birthday cake, popsicles French toast, popcorn

I'll be so cute and the cutest cutie

Do do be do do be do do be do



I once tried working out each day

3,2, 1 made me so hungry

I end up eating more and more

So so good all those yummy things

Oh it seems that my tummy calls

Can't resist what it says to me

Gooey gooey love all that almond paste

Diet will have to wait a day, you see


(Repeat 2, 3, 4)




This brand new recording features my near-genius 9 year old piano student (Lola) and her 12 year old sister (Vero).

Lola is hands down the best student I've ever had in my life, in over 30 years of teaching, of any age student. I don't mean that she plays better than anyone, but her attitude and devotion to practicing and playing is off the charts in my experience. She's played only for a year now, and among other music, she has now memorized the first Prelude in the Well Tempered Clavier by Bach, a book of music Bach wrote near the end of his career. Not kid's stuff.

I am totally inspired by Lola and her sister Vero, and it was the reason I decided to work on some music that they could take part in and enjoy- hence this new pop music, styled after K-pop music out of Asia. This is music that is catchy, buoyant, enthusiastic, positive, and energetic-

The original tune is written by Yatsutaka Nakata, the producer of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Perfume, girl pop singers in Japan. We did an English adaptation and arrangement, heard here.

I love the catchi-ness and simplicity of these Japanese pop melodies. Unlike music music of this genre however, mine isn't all digital synth and samples- I've added dozens of real instruments in percussion parts, a trio of saxophones, guitar, and some other genuine instruments (like a toy piano) along with state of the art synthesizers. Save a couple of very minor computerized rhythm parts (like the click click of rosewood claves), I've played everything on the recording with my ten little fingers and ten tapping toes. There are about 50 separate instrument/voice layers/tracks in the arrangement.

I REALLY like the voice of the two girls (and the ever talented Julia Lu can be heard singing on the chorus- "I Like To Eat! I Want To Eat!!"...

Next, we do the video- that should be fun! So stay tuned for more...