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Welcome to the store!..... You are sure to enjoy reading and listening to the unique and great offerings here! All the Brain Music and Books will give you the most amount of enjoyment and information for a very small cost. Maximum Brain Music Efficiency!

Brief descriptions of all the BOOKS & ALBUMS are below the ordering information.
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SIMPLE ORDERING THROUGH THE MAIL:To get any item you like, send a check or money order payable to "Neil Slade" in the amount of that item or items. POSTAGE IS INCLUDED in the price. (Sent standard book rate mail.) ADD $1.75 per book (not music) for faster PRIORITY 3-day mail) Optional Printout Mail-In Book List Mail your order to

Neil Slade PO Box 6799 Denver,CO 80206
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Books and Audio Cassette Books (180 minutes) are $10.95.
Double Length Cassette Brain Music Albums are $9.95
The Amygdala Brainbites CD is $9.95

THE COMPLETE BRAIN BOOK & MUSIC SET!: You get EVERYTHING listed/described below on this entire web page (no duplications of content) - Two books, 9 hours of Audio Books and Music, PLUS The Fabulous Amygdala Brainbites/Brain Revolutionaries CD. Save $17 over items bought separately. A Fantastic Educational/Entertaining Bargain, Priority Mail Included FREE! ONLY $59!
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HAVE FUN Anti-Rules For Life, Learning, and Everything Else : You heard Neil suggest this one on The internationally famous ART BELL Radio Show to help you get started understanding how to click on those hidden/dormant/magical areas of your brain. Neil says "Everything I have learned in my own 23 years of brain exploration and teaching is presented here in the clearest and easiest to understand way I can think of!" 90 page large format (8 1/2" X 11") illustrated pen and ink drawings, softcover GBC long lasting binding. Highly recommended by Bloomsbury Review acclaimed national book review magazine. A very entertaining, non-technical, witty, yet overwhelmingly informative book that will show you the easiest fastest ways to turn on your advanced Frontal Lobes and do and learn anything faster, better, and WAY more pleasurably. Simply presented with neuro-physiology kept to a bare minimum. Practical and practically foolproof. Take the title link above for lots more info. $10.95.
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FRONTAL LOBES HANDBOOK: (2)cassettes, EASILY explains in detail how you can turn on your own pre-existing brain circuits (they're waiting in there ready for you to click 'em on, folks...) for super intelligence, genius creativity, and pleasure. For real. Also includes an entertaining and informative live radio interview with Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory Director T.D.A. Lingo and ALSO the very cool and necessary right brain, non-verbal Mind Music music album (Side 4). Highly recommended by Bloomsbury Review acclaimed national book review magazine. 180 minutes total. Definitely interesting, and enormously useful. Lots of Brain Detail. Gives you the brain basics, frontal lobes exercises, a great scientific follow-up to Have Fun. More info at Dormant Brain Lab. Priority Mail delivery included FREE! $10.95

SELF TRANSCENDENCE WORKBOOK: This is the original 42 lesson- originally hand typed on a manual typewriter- guidebook used every summer at T.D.A. Lingo's annual Brain in Nature Course at the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory (held 1957-1987). If you want to turn on all your brain's infinity circuits and turn off all that noise in your head, this book explains, one lesson per day, tested and proven methods how to do it. Lingo certainly had his own way of putting things, although this text is thoroughly scientific and intelligent. This is the heavy artillery, be prepared. Effective and proven over 35 years of dedicated behavior and brain research. Available for a limited time. NOT FOR KIDS, UNCENSORED, and DEEP. Softcover, GBC bound, printed from original mountain mimeographs. (Must get "Have Fun" and "Frontal Lobes Handbook" first!) $10.95
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AMYGDALA BRAINBITES CD: is Brain pop/rock, vocals, guitar, drums, synth, a rather upbeat collection, VERY Hum-able and MELODIC! Neil and two teenage girls- Ruti Mor and Sarah Rubow- do their musical thing. Rave reviews by discerning professional music critic Michael Roberts and others.Heck, buy it for the absolutely coolest, most colorful foldout CD booklet/art print ever- frame it and put it on your wall! REALLY! Reward and entertain your brain! Priority Mail Included FREE! (Check it out here...Zow-X ) 45 Minutes. Just $9.95!


PEOPLE!- don't neglect your non-verbal right brain!! You need WHOLE BRAIN POWER and Neil Slade Brain Music integrates your whole brain together and Supercharges it with the finest totally cool and original music. You get two albums for the price of one! Just $9.95 on a PREMIUM QUALITY 90 Minute Chrome Cassette. Analog tape rules!! Priority Mail Included FREE!

MIND MUSICand THE PEOPLES' SYMPHONY. Side One- Mind Music is jazz/classic electric keyboards with a bit of flute and sax. Sophistocated and energetic, very listenable in the car, at home, entertaining your guests and friends. Could be some of the best instruMENTAL music you'll ever hear. (Mind Music included with the Frontal Lobes Handbook audio book, as side 4, or available separately as 1/2 of this 90 minute double length music cassette.)
Side Two is The People's Symphony, a six movement Orchestral Symphony performed using a complete live woodwind section, percussionist, and meticulously multi-layred digital synthesized strings. A full year in the making, this was a PBS TV soundtrack, and toured the U.S. as part of a Kodak travelling exhibition. Also contains The Einstein Taxicab Quartet (test relativity theory with music!), and some other goodies. Classic Brain Music, a blast! Only $9.95!

TIPPYand AMYGDALA BRAINBITES Double Album cassette: This cassette Brain Pop/Rock collection covers a LOT of territory. A bunch of catchy tunes segues into some truly memorable masterpieces of melodic ingenuity, then seamlessly transforms into some KILLER saxophone goodies. 45 minutes of Pure Musical Bliss, electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, synth, and sax. "Your voice is so COOOOOL!" -Michelle P. a satisfied customer.
Side Two is a cassette of AMYGDALA BRAINBITES (see description above in list, fold out CD poster not included with tape). Reviews. $9.95

Also Available: TIPPY with TAO of JAZZ (see description below). $9.95

THE TAO OF JAZZ and INVISIBLE MUSIC : Tao of Jazz is The Invisible Artists (1986) with the incredible Chuck Schneider on sax (has played with other greats, like Stan Getz), Neil on piano, Mark Foster-drums (Denver Symphony), and Gannon Kashiwa-bass (brother of Olympic skier!). Very hip modern original jazz you can groove to. Fantastic solos! Also includes some great sax solos by Neil.
SIDE TWO is: INVISIBLE MUSIC- Space jazz rock, the best this side of Venus. Saxophones from Pluto, synthesizers from Mars, drums, bass, even a little singing ("You Cause A Nuclear Reaction Inside My Heart"). Music for a Brave New Universe. a blast! You can get the Invisible Music here with Tao of Jazz, or get it included with FREE DIRT Musical below. $9.95 Go with The Flow!

PIANO IMPRESSIONS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION with THE PEOPLE'S SYMPHONY: Side One, Piano Impressions, are mellow piano solos recorded on a 9 foot Baldwin concert grand. Many of these compositions appear on other recordings here, but these are the original pure renditions on keyboard. Suitable for any listening environment, dinner, work, etc. Lots of stuff that ISN'T on other music tapes too, like the unforgettable "Glenn Gould Memorial Breakfast Drink". This tape is good for relaxation, hot bath, mellow out time, that kind of Brain Thang.
Side Two: The People's symphony (see description above in list). Just $9.95!


FREE DIRT / Invisible Music: Funny stuff here.......This is the WORLD'S FIRST Autobigraphical Musical Audio Cassette Book! It tells the story of Neil's STRANGER THAN FICTION YET TRUE LIFE OF MUSIC between the ages of 5 and 21. FREE DIRT is a humorous collection of stories, and the actual music that was created from the unusual circumstances of growing up an unconventional mind in a conventional cowtown (Denver). Warning!>>>> WILD AND WEIRD! If you are a boring, uncreative person with no SENSE OF HUMOR, forget this! Includes INVISIBLE MUSIC (see below) that caps off the whole thing as side 4. Also includes an assorted SAMPLER from other albums! What a deal! You'll be the only one on your block to have this one!! "I THOUROUGHLY ENJOYED THIS!" -Harsha Godavari, 60 years old, (wow!) M.B. Canada Recommended by Bloomsbury Review! Priority Mail included FREE! NOTE: THIS TWO CASSETTE SET $10.95

CANADIAN ORDERS Add $2 per item. Add just $6 for "Complete Set" (Please click this Shopping Cart Button Once. For more than one item ordered hit "INCREASE NUMBER" on "Shopping Cart page once for each additional item ordered, (or 2 more times for "Complete Set".)

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