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Neil Slade- is a teacher, musical composer, seasoned concert performer, author, and artist.


His music has been heard by millions in the PBS documentary movie soundtrack for the National Historic Society's documentary Still - which was the keystone of a year-long transcontinental Kodak United States traveling exhibition, the music for which he received an Emmy nomination for Best Musical Score.


He has given hundreds of concert, radio, and television performances including appearances at such major Colorado venues such as The Denver Center For The Performing Arts, The Boulder Theater, The Cherry Creek Arts Festival, The United States Air Force Academy, and The Gerald Ford Amphitheater.


Slade attended Metropolitan State University, The University of Colorado, and The University of Denver Lamont School of Music, and graduated Magna cum laude. Certified by the State of Colorado to teach grades Kindergarten through 12, he has taught for 30 years privately and in the public school system. Beyond his classroom instruction, he has taught an estimated 30,000 individual music lessons to students ages 6 through 66.


For several years, Slade was an Artreach Incorporated Resident artist, employed full time to create and present music, and art workshops at many of Colorado's public and private schools and pother private and public institutions.


In an unprecedented original "Mind Music" program, Slade was employed by the principal of a Denver Public Elementary School (Fallis) to teach all 600 students and their teachers how to self-activate advanced levels of creativity, intelligence, and cooperative trust behavior through music.


Since December 1997, Neil has been a regular guest on the internationally broadcast George Noory Coast to Coast radio program with an estimated audience of 15-20 million listeners for each 3-4 hour interview and live audience question and answer session. Neil has recorded and released 11 albums of original music, and has written and published 10 books on learning, creativity, and the brain.

Slade has also been a repeat guest of national PBS television and radio host Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove (Thinking Allowed), and has appeared on countless other radio, television, and internet broadcasts across the globe.


Slade has been translated and published by major European publisher Rowohlt Verlag. Rowohlt lists Neil Slade among its other translated and published authors- Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winners- among these, Albert Camus, Jonathan Franzen, Ernest Hemingway, Henry Miller, Toni Morrison, Vladimir Nabokov, Harold Pinter, Philip Roth, John Updike, and others.