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Desktop PC DVD Burning 42X speed 3 Simultaneous Reliable Burns on 8X Media

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These days I am duplicating a 4.7 GB ( a full disc, 4.69 GB actually used) Movie DVD which I created and now sell on my web site

I burn three at a time, while using my PC for other things at the same time.

It takes just over 6 minutes to burn 3  DVDs with FIVE HOURS of video and audio information on it. 

I'm using 8X media that costs 15 cents each.


What is that? Nearly 43X speed  5 hours=300 minutes  divided by 7 = 42.857X speed




I also manufacture various instructional DVDs that I film, edit, menu build and then duplicate for clients.

My DVDs cost 15 cents each, and are error free. I buy my media in small quantities, 50 at a time, not in huge bulk.

No errors. Perfect every time.  


My feature film below duplicated using this set up-  3 discs of 4.69GB 

Five hours video and audio--  in 7 minutes on a regular PC



Actual window report from my computer after burning 4.69 GB DVD- 3 of these at the same time:



How do I do this?  How did I get into this?

The biggest problem facing small-medium scale DVD manufacturers, is that pure DVD duplicating towers can be expensive, can only burn one DVD title at a time, and that you may not have room for additional machines (okay, you've got to have a pretty small space for that.)

In my case, I frankly didn't have the thousand dollars sitting around to buy a duplicating tower, and I needed to figure out how to do this simply on my mid-tower case PC for a very reasonable cost.

It can be done.


But, nobody knows how to do this. 

People try, and then they just give up. Or they're just satisfied to spend $1000 or so on a tower, and slower actual speeds.

I took a MONTH and figured out WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE in order to get your PC to do this. 

Five hour DVD= 7 minutes 12 seconds.

Go look,  you will not find instructions anywhere on the web. The manufacturers are no help, and the software manufacturers are no help.

This took perseverance, testing, research, and a lot of mistakes. In the end, I finally got it figured out.


I will share with you this hard earned information, if you merely support me with a few bucks. Fair trade, cheaper than any computer lessons, books, instructional video you will find anywhere. Fair enough?  Okay!

(If you doubt my word, go look around on my web site (links bottom of page) and you'll see the other information I've been giving away for free for years.)


There are some sites on the internet with instructions for building a PC DVD duplicating system-  yes.

You'll need six hard drives, six burners, a tower that will hold all this stuff, and you most certainly won't be burning at the speeds I burn at. Don't believe me? Okay, go set it up then email me back when you discover what you've ended up with. :-)

Even if you figure out how to get by with three drives and three HDDs, you'll still be crawling, and waiting forever if you end up with a nice long DVD, because HOW you set up your system, and even more importantly, your hard drives will make ALL the difference in the world.


Here's what you'll need-

The right burners (3 of them, commonly found), software that will let you open three simultaneous windows of the same software program, three decent hard drives, and the correct way to connect everything-  and there's just ONE way to do this. One.

You can spend a month figuring out all this stuff yourself- if you don't go INSANE trying, trying and failing with everybody else's cheap ass suggestions, or merely get my whitepaper, and I've done all the research testing, and taken ALL of the guesswork out of this for you.

And you will BURN like you've never burned before ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM~!!     :-)


Everything has to be correct,  or else you will burn at horribly slow speeds even if you have 7200 RPM drives, and 16X DVD burners, and a kick ass PC- all these things are NO GUARANTEES that you will burn at the kinds of speed I am talking about. Remeber- five hour DVD in 7 minutes.


Help me with a few bucks, and I'll help you. It's called "Getting what you pay for." "Paying the teacher a fair wage."

You'll receive a password to download my instructions, parameters in a PDF file (read only).

Honest folk only please, no re-selling or giving away this method- you don't work for free do you? I didn't think so. Thanks, your support helps me a little bit to keep giving away all the other free stuff, and developing even more. You get good camera karma.


I'll tell you EXACTLY how I've set up my system, in a MID SIZE common PC tower, and you can use exactly the same components I use, or substitute your own. The components- with the exception of the DVD drives should make the least amount of difference.  I good processor will help. I'm using a 3.2 P4, but less powerful processors will still work and give you good burning speeds- this will have little impact.

If you think you know how to do this already--  I'll eat my computer. :-)