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Research Study Comments:



"Six hours straight, just amazed by the music.  WAY too much to write about, too many comments to make! My new favorite music!!  And that says a lot coming from me, believe me.... All spectacular on your end, the chord changes, the differing styles.  I'll stop now because it would fill several more paragraphs.  It's all really, really THAT good!!" -Jim Sykes


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"Upon my first time listening this brings me to my most favorite place in the world... Just about when the 2nd song started my Amygdala kicked in and stayed clicked in for about 30 more minutes."


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"I am sooooo in a more "positive" mood....if I have done nothing else in this have probably been the catalyst of changing my entire life for the better...and for that I truly thank you!"


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"I have had only two other similar experiences like this during my lifetime. but this was more real and convincing."


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"By the way, Neil... the music was glorious... I started imagining general themes for screenplays to go along with it!  Wonderful stuff!"



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Samples of the music above

(and used in the Music 4 ESP Research Study):


Sample #1: (Neil Slade and Fred Poindexter, guitars)

Sample #2 (4 selections- guitars, piano, and quartet)

Sample #3 (from "A Starry Night, keyboard plus)

Sample #4 (From People's Symphony/Tao of Jazz)


See all the comments below>>>





Real comments by Brain Music fans around the globe:



First of all, I want to tell you how much I LOVE your music!



I'm so glad that I decided to participate in this study.  I think I'll definitely be buying some of your other music! It's also just wonderful music to listen to. I can't wait to see where this goes over the long term!



By the way, Neil... the music was glorious, especially the last piece which is such an  enthralling arrangement of the piece I recognize as "Starlight". I started imagining general themes for screenplays to go along with it! Wonderful stuff!




 I am happy to say I am getting some benefit from this. After a couple of days listening to test 1, I had a quick thought about my friend....the thought was my friend was going to come to town soon. I let the thought go. Then, last Thursday, I heard from him! He did come to town! I couldn't believe it!




This morning I woke up and knew where to find a missing item in a most unusual place. I also felt young and happy and so very optimistic about the future.

I like your Music its sounds interesting unique!!!




Thoroughly enjoying the slow-down that has been provided by Test #1.

I woke up in the middle of the night from a vivid dream, with the object of my question in the dream. I went back to sleep and when I woke up the second time, again, it was from a vivid dream with the object of my question.




A work presentation (and building the Powerpoint to support it) went MUCH better than it should have-




I got a lot of information coming through, almost too much to process, and my mind seemed to want to give to me LOTS of information!




Listened to the full Test #1 music and rested afterwards with an interesting light show behind closed eyelids.


I saw the name of someone I hadn't seen for several years--or I just got to thinking about him for no particular reason, can't quite remember which just that his name sort of "surfaced" in the last week or so. I just ran into him yesterday, and when we talked I told him I should have known I was going to see him, as if seeing his name was an indication of that.




I was aware of insights and/or ideas.  This was fun!




Upon my first time listening this brings me to my most favorite place in the world. I see glimpses of me wandering around my most favorite place in the world looking for rocks. Just about when the 2nd song started my Amygdala kicked in and stayed clicked in for about 30 more minutes.




I had an EXCELLENT problem solving idea that just came RIGHT out of the blue




While listening: I gradually relaxed while listening to the music, and within a few minutes began to feel a state of deep connectedness. It's like my energy centers harmonized, and I felt a wholeness within myself, followed by a sense of being connected to the larger world. A quite extraordinary feeling; not intense like a psychedelic trip, but a relaxed, toned down version of one, with no imagery just sensation.




Yes I heard the voice of my spirit guide.




Symmetrical Mix Of Energy Fields Moving Into Greater Expansion Resulting In Final Tube Torus Shape.




Each time while listening to the second part of the music I get the feeling that a part of me is getting lighter with a raising up feeling, while at the same time I have a feeling of being held down.




I have had only two other similar experiences like this during my lifetime. but this was more real and convincing.


Yesterday about a half hour after listening to the music, at 6AM, I was contacted by my deceased brother. There was this feeling of brightness and clarity about him. He wanted to thank me and my wife for caring for him during the last three years of his life. He had dementia.




I have had only two other similar experiences like this during my lifetime. but this was more real and convincing.




I have noticed that I am calmer and feel more connected after listening to the music I have also been finding resources and answers to questions that I have been looking for. I have definitely answered the question I wrote down before listening to the music.




Test #1 caused several experiences for my students and myself.

1)      Quieted a student making random noises.

2)       A student who constantly rocks, growls and makes angular hand configurations in her face, stopped these behaviors and starred at the speakers during Test 1.

3) I felt calm and desired to experience Test 1 over and over.

4) quieted the negative chatter in my head, making it easier to do necessary tasks.

 I often felt a pleasant expansion beyond my body during Test 1, a lightness and peace.




Beautiful and very calming. I let it run several times as a back ground for work I was doing. I am going to play it in my classroom of students with severe multiple disabilities. It fits in with the aural experiences I use with them.




I experience the first test as a visual texture now.




On the first day of listening, I had very vivid dreams that night, specifically that I was staring up at the full moon, which had glowing numbers and symbols radiating out from it in a circular pattern. I woke up and was somewhat shocked to look out the window and see a full moon, as I hadn’t known we were in that moon phase. Also, I haven’t had a vivid dream in a long time.




I did have a few eureka moments during the past three days about other avenues of generating freelance clients and more ways to expand my services that I hadn’t previously considered. Not sure if this can be attributed to the music or not, but I’ve been in a rut for months as far as creativity and good ideas go, so it was a relief to finally feel my brain working.


Second experience happened last night at the Xmas office party. They had about 50 door prizes. I pointed to a picture frame, and told my wife she would win that. She won the picture frame.  For the life of me, I couldn't tell you why I said she would win it.




Settling into a space where I could see movement "behind a veil" Colorful patterns Color- specifically blue At a Hollywood hotel pool party event - late 30's - early 40's - really focusing on one woman clearly.




While I was listening the phone rang... When I was done I checked my messages, and the call had been from a friend asking if I had picked my numbers yet for our MegaMillions pool... Afterward, I spent 15 minutes picking my numbers and called my friend to get hers. Amazingly, the first three numbers she said (11, 12, and 44) were among the 12 numbers I picked (from the MegaMillion’s range of 75 numbers). We were both rather surprised at this.




What an interesting experience I had last night with your music... Part way through the first piece, I started to get pin-prick sensations all over my body, including my arms and legs. This continued for the rest of my listening period... I felt like my conscious awareness was no longer focused through my eyes, but was instead spread out evenly over my head and shoulders, which felt like a giant sensing antenna. That feeling was still present this morning when I woke up.









A very vivid daydream of me on a horse riding in the red desert (New Mexico?) and just having fun and laughing. I was not alone, my husband was there and riding too. This lasted several moments. Incidentally, we do not ride horses, just Harleys. Never been to NM.




I followed your advice the best possible way & went into my 1st session last night. The question i had given attention to prior: how could the financial matters be solved? I paid attention to the music the best possible way and just went to sleep after it. This morning I had call offering me a good job with good prospects. (perhaps out of the blue?) Thank you for this opportunity.


My response to first listening yesterday:

Multi-sensory, though none of it made any sense to me regarding the question I had written down beforehand. Felt I had become fluid and I seemed to be the water in which the music was dancing, or doing synchronized swimming. Had intense burning sensation in the area in front of my left ear. Much rumbling and fluttering took place in my liver, spleen and left kidney.




Saw a very clear head and shoulders image of a man (unfamiliar to me) who was wearing a hat. I thought he was a cowboy or a farmer.




Heard the following: (I live alone so it was not someone playing games with me) "A chance encounter with an elephant" Towards the end of the music I felt a lot of activity in my forehead.




My final session of Test 1 did produce a great result some hours later: A very powerful insight suddenly came to me relating to the question I had asked, followed immediately by a demonstration of the validity of the insight. Have been on quite a high since then.




I keep getting/feeling/seeing shapes, textures, and lighting of the tones and where they travel. There's a pooling, lifting, gathering, bridging, fetching, thing going on. The left side is first wakened by visiting tones behind and below the left ear. The wall slowly turns into a spiral staircase, like a translucent spine, because of prism-like rain falling from the crown of the head, then they fall up. Spiraling. The experiences were pleasant, positive and enjoyable.




About 15 minutes after a listen, I suddenly and distinctly heard: your brain/the brain/brains in general (?) are like spacecrafts. UFOs. This is odd because I am not a UFO fanatic, or even a big Star Trek fan. I'm in fact tired of the long-and over used acronym UFO.




I definitely felt the amygdalae being stimulated and to some degree also my third eye. Additionally blood rushed to my forehead.




All of a sudden I started channeling from an alien source, I could see the words flowing out of my mouth---they were alien. I didn’t understand what they meant, however... I then returned to my chair from the room and had been gone at least an hour.


During my first session, I noticed my head torso area vibrating differently almost trembling but not necessarily out of any negative feelings. I almost sensed subtle excitement.




Today is the third day since that first session, and just about five minutes ago, I sensed/visualized while awake, seeing an overview of a city sky line as if I was looking or floating over the building tops over a five block area. It did not appear like it was night time. It was clear and with detailed like looking through binoculars. I can still see that vision in my mind what I had experienced or what I saw in my mind's eye. Very interesting.




Listened again this afternoon, sitting in my computer chair in my room. After about 1-2 minutes into it, it dawned on me to ask a new question, so I did. Within 10 seconds the answer came. It came as a series of FEELS, and in an obvious ORDER. Then I realized that this order was like a chronological equation for how to answer ANY question.




Then I actually FELT the front area of my head and eye sockets "open and buzz". Then it was like the HeartMath started working by itself...WAY better than ever before! This was no co-incidence. The "amygdala click" feel put the HeartMath in overdrive. The click came spontaneously, and the strong results were DEFINITELY BECAUSE of it!




My experimental question was answered during the second time I listened to the Test Download. It happened at about 11 minutes into the session, at 1;33am




The whole session was of a VERY nice, almost magical feeling, which I did not want to end.




I'm experiencing better ability to "control" my mind to operate how I want it to (maybe like a more suggestible, hypnotic effect). Also, I'm getting clearer insight into many things,




It feels like the constant changes in all the musical elements keep me "off balance" just enough that my normal self-sabotaging negative tendencies can't get a foothold to start operating. Instead, it allows our natural abilities (which are already there) the unencumbered freedom to be expressed much more fully. Add in the positive feels which the music also elicits and you've got a perfect basic recipe for excellence!


I'm finding that old talents are coming back. I'm regaining my singing voice. Quicker at typing, doing math in my head, remembering stuff from my past. I'm "smarter". Thanks




With this music, we're dropping the hypnotic state of our normal lives and returning to our truer nature. Hmmm...That's my only reference.  This seemed very significant.




Last night, I had this dream that I only understood after I was awake an hour after the dream.




The effects of listening to these tracks are just too good!! Knock it off, I can't take it! Okay, I can take it... I'm ready for the next test track. I really mean it when I say THANKS.




For the second time now but more intense and lucid than the first, and still lingering in my consciousness at this time, I was off soaring in billowy clouds, breathing enlivening air, reuniting with sages and visionaries and holy people, all of which have been familiar to me as companions and guides and protectors since my human infancy began, there is a profound shared joy and much merriment as we gather together, they are showing me how I positively affect a great many souls, the majority of which I was not aware of, and they identified a few who have been given the awareness and insights to 'see' beyond my mere physical appearance into the core of my presence. An incredible adventure.




It has just occurred to me that I am in a state far more consistent state of "on", as in heightened awareness/awareness with a more pronounced and higher level of 'idle' energy. I'm about to leave my local gym sauna at 9:30 PM after having remained active and productive for some 15.5 hours as of right now. And it's not a nervous, eroding energy.




I've had the most weirdest thing happen - actually several things are happening - but this was beyond even what I would have expected as a clairvoyant/medium! First, I have noticed a difference in each day, wanting to get up and get SO MUCH MORE done - wanting to get the most out of every day. I'm generally like that but not quite like this, this is different somehow.




My daughter's mother in law (Pat) passed away October 21st. She was my friend too and I did much to help her. Driving to work last night, I heard her talking to me but what she said was so WEIRD even for me! she persisted and instantly told me exactly what to buy and that each present would be $15. I went after work last night and got all 3 presents, exactly as she said, and each one has special meaning and each one was exactly $15...


O struggled on my own to figure out what to buy them - so hearing all this and so clearly last night was most amazing. And another reason i know it wasn't my "own thoughts" is that I would not have thought about wanting to spend more money LOL, not to mention what a weird idea the whole thing is.




And my sensitive perception seems to be the same. here's the difference: my lack of stress and anxiety. I have indeed had a huge wave of creative energy and I know what the project will look like and it's almost completed. I've been able to maintain my focus better. And I don't feel overwhelm and anxiety that i am so used to.




I kept seeing in my mind, a happy girl running and laughing in a field with the warm sun behind her. I experienced her exhilarating happiness and the lightness of her youthful innocence. I was comprehending her joy on a very high level of understanding. those memories and moments of feeling human joy with no strings attached have eluded me for quite some time,




My s-esp is telling me that there is nothing to worry about I can accomplish all that needs to be done by me.




Beautiful music, by the way. Not sure if this is useful to your study or not, but thought I would mention that,




Upon listening to Test 1, I was able to anticipate the music of the 1st selection. My mind was actually humming along with it (not out loud) as it played as though I had heard it many times before.




J. and I are connecting mentally much more often than usual – I seem to be picking up his thoughts and spitting them out before he has a chance to say anything.




Also, there have been signs from a deceased pet (both of us have gotten these at the same time) and, last but not least, I’ve been dreaming more and remembering the dreams. Remembering is a rarity for me, though I teach dream interpretation




I feel that what has been happening with a like vibration, cat like purr in my heart center was brought on from listening to this test1 mp3. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but a long time ago when my life was flowing super well, I had these like heart center flutter/vibration. I know it's not a negative. It started within hours of re- listening to this track. I am listening as described but many times.


Listened to 1 (lots- I was addicted).




Test1 seemed to put me in a hypnotic state which the others didn’t do- Within a short time of listening to 1- I would lose perception of time- it would end, and I would wake-up having no recollection of listening to it, or time. The first time it happened I was convinced I didn’t really listen to it (it had stopped by itself)- until I realized it really was 30 minutes later than I started. The other ones so far that has not happened.




Played your music as I went to bed last night. I awoke several times in the night remembering very vivid dreams. What was “different” about the dreams for me was the setting and content was totally different- many of my dreams follow certain themes or content or places. I awoke from these dreams going “wow” that was a new place.




One dream was more of a problem solving dream- As a result one whole dream dealt with one particular project I would someday like do and was very specific with steps I was going to need to take to do it….




Looking forward to turning on the music tonight to see what happens!




About 1/3 of the way through the file on my second listening I had a period of a couple of minutes of intense joy.




This morning I listened to the music again. Last night I ‘did get an answer from my question but I kind of doubted it because it was the answer that I really wanted, while I was afraid that the answer would be the other way.




15 minutes passes very quickly its quite enjoyable.




I have been looking all over town for some time now for a special game for my great- grandson, and I haven’t been able to locate one. Then I ran into an old friend and we stopped to chat. During our conversation she said, “Oh, they have a small stack of them at Staples, right by the front door.” I would never have thought of looking there for the game…. your brain music is working….




I'm now a few minutes into Test #2 and I can listen to it. It has a pleasant and quietly joyous and uplifting yet calming feel. I noticed that my body had entrained to the beat at the end, pulsing in toes and slightly in head.


The first time I listened in bed my head felt very strange. There was a sensation of vibration, almost a hum in the center of my head, and then it felt like there was a throbbing that moved from side to side. I also had feelings of euphoria and a tingling sensation running through my body.  It was overwhelming.




I then had dreams that seemed very real. In the bathtub I had the same reaction.




I also noticed when I started with track one, at first it felt like work. Yet every time I wanted the music to keep going.




Like I said sometimes memory was better with track 1 Refined perceptive ability to impulse and radiate SPIRIT. I feel calm and happy.

An unusual dream, awareness of feeling energy around a particular person, who denied anything unusual. I'm more calm and together and kindhearted.




That piece does bear repeating, over and over. Enjoyed it. This time I had a glimpse of a meadow filled with flowers.




While still on Test #2 I went back and asked "What does  this  MEAN  FOR  ME NOW?" questioning what I had experienced. I received a very definite answer.




The best one, is that one with the guitars. That's one for me, sounds very nice and its my Favorite with Five Stars!  That's the best, i really could listen round the clock :D




The experience is hard to describe, but felt like my mind was "dancing" with the music, and that my mind was trying to process SO much information! I can't remember what I was thinking about now, just that it was a very enjoyable experience.


In a word "WOW".....! I just got done listening for the first time on this test a while ago. At the starting of repeat Amygdala clicked in and boy was it EVER intense. WOW....I have never experienced it this intense before.....I thought if it was going to get any stronger I was going to just float out of my head. I could feel me dancing on boulders out in the sun. It's been an hour and my Amygdala is still clicked in




WHAT a Brain RUSH. It's like being plugged in to the collective conscious and I was NOT ready for all of that energy all at once. I LOVE IT! WHAT a positive experience. LOL! Towards the end of the 3rd repeat I also experienced the feeling of something touching the back of my neck like in lines...with fingers down from the top of my spine just to the shoulders.




I have NEVER experienced a sensation like this before. Ever. While Amygdala clicked in but like in Turbo mode it was so intense, and I had the sensation of getting ready to float. I felt very very light...(not to be confused with light headedness) The feeling grew in intensity and there for a moment....I felt like my brain was just going to float up and out of my body. My Amygdala stayed kicked in for QUITE a long time afterwards.




Very euphoric. Time doesn't seem to exist, yet it does because the piece is over waaay too soon. After lying in bed after listening I was in that "drifting off" phase where I feel I am neither here nor there. My Amygdala is pretty "high".




I opened my eyes and the ceiling wasn't there...only this expanse of the sky with a gazillion stars. I looked at that and closed my eyes and then went "WHAT?"...I opened them again and it was just faintly there...and then gone. One of those feelings of... was it real or was I already dreaming.




I already solved a "duh" problem this morning without thinking about it




Listened as I went to sleep and dreamt little pops or bubbles that were related to my question but not in exactly the way I expected. They were definitely related but tangential to the original idea I had in mind and very vivid.




This is a fantastic track. as I was listening to the music, I could clearly seem him enjoying it and playing those wonderful riffs.


While listening to this latest piece, I am in a very good mood - joyous even. I enjoyed listening to both pieces but this latest one really energizes me.




I was sitting at the computer and I watched my mother walk by me and into the kitchen. Then not even 10 minutes later, she did it again. This is the thing, in order for her to do that twice, she would have had to walk back by me while I sat at the computer, which she did not. I felt so weird about it that I asked her how did she go to the kitchen and back into her room without passing me (the house is quite small) and she told me that she did not go to the kitchen the first time I saw her.




Dolphins dancing, jumping above water in ocean. Orange color, fretting electrical arcs. Sound of voice speaking "heart"




The first time I listened I felt the musical notes had an intelligence and each note became a dancing point of light which was communicating with me.  It was a joy full experience.




I felt a empathy for that part of myself and was filled with a feeling of wholeness and peace. This feeling lasted long after the session was completed.




Stunning experiences.




Since listening to your music samples on a regular basis, I’ve continued to have extremely vivid dreams. I wouldn’t think much of them, except theyre in color which is new for me.


The DETAILS like this are so new to me in dreams. I even vividly remember all the knick-knacks hanging around the bar and the different beers on tap, not to mention the menu design and other items on the menu.) BRIGHT ORANGE chunks of color in the filling, but marveling over how awesome they actually TASTED.




This morning while sleeping I heard a voice say that it was 6:11. It woke me up. My wife and son were still asleep, and I realized the voice was from my sleep. I looked at the clock, and it was now 6:12.




The feeling of flying and the feeling of driving across country unencumbered by traffic signals


I wanted to let you know that I have been having subtle ESP since starting to listen to test

2. I listen when I go to bed and during the night if I happen to wake up. The ESP has been clairvoyance--knowing what others are going to say just before they say it, whether in a face-to-face conversation or watching television (and I never watch reruns...)




I love the test 2 music!




Immediately after a listening session last night I had a very clear and vivid vision of a larger than life woman, she was gigantic and quite theatrical-looking. She was speaking to me, it felt like she was giving me instructions, unfortunately I immediately forgot everything she said to me because I was so awestruck and excited by the clarity of the image, it was much brighter, clearer and more real compared to others I have had.




I got an overwhelming mass sense of repetitive ancient chants and mantras, hymns, and endless refrains found in songs of most all genres of music all designed from different levels of energetic dimensions and persuasions to one-point focus the mind.




Whoa! just as I was about to send this, I heard a large, resonant bass voice sweep through that about knocked me off my chair. The voice said, complete with intonation: this is precisely the subject of a book ...novella...or form of choice and you are suppose to start writing it now.




The answer to a question I more or less consciously stated appeared again beautifully while listening. I also felt “spasms” or “flexing of something in my head just above the hard palate in my mouth.




I did want to mention that last week I had two disturbing dreams. One was really weird. the other just mildly disturbing. Both dreams were very busy and complicated something I    can't    explain...but    a    lot    going    on,    unlike    the    usual    dreams    I    have.




I have had numerous effects since the first study. There have been occasions that I have been looking at an image and it would look as if it were in 3D !! My dreams which had been rather dark and shadowy for a few months were bright and happy and many people from my past appeared in them.




I had one experience where the letters of a title of a book started to shine like gold and shimmered—like in the Harry Potter movies. These have been delightful experiences to say the least.


Shadowy apparitions have appeared in the room---very ghostly—some were alien appearing. I have not felt alarmed or afraid---just eager for more!!




Just listening to the music, I felt the sensation as if I was laying down and I could see black silhouettes of the musicians playing the instruments circling around me. Two or three floor buildings, houses, all connected then formed behind the musicians and also slowly began to spin around me when the music sadly ended.




It was a great experience. I'm looking forward to listening again.




I found myself imagining a large swirl of colors with dotted lines in the colours making it easier to follow the shifting patterns.




Immediately, my feet began to wave, literally fluttering up and down as the music played. The sensation could be felt up my leg as my feet moved. I have never experienced that waving sensation before.




The entire experience was as if I was a soaked, towel of emotions and listening to the music literally twisted me out to dry. It was truly a unique experience.




This morning's listening experience was quiet and restful, for which I was grateful.




It seemed to ALLOW me to focus into my deeper self, Test 2 seems to INSPIRE me to do so. I sensed a subtle urgency to move forward with my deeper knowingness, to move ahead and bring it out, actively.




I'm now getting a sustained state of joy which came simply spontaneously.




Sometimes it feels like I'm getting the benefits of the Brain Music even when it's just playing in my memory, like a song that you never get out of your head.




When I listened to it yesterday morning, I got a flash of a vision and a significantly S- ESP feel,


I was sharing that flash with the other members of our test group... as if we were joined at that moment and I was consciously aware of this fleeting connection.




Test 2 has been a real energizer for me. A really gentle yet powerful influence to get me going, in BOTH mind and body.




I generally listened to it for a half-hour, each session. Never got tired of hearing it! It does give me tactile memories and momentary visions of dancing with angels,

The overall rhythm of this selection seems to be lending me a welcome uplifting energy, and a laissé-faire attitude towards the nonsense I am confronted with on a daily basis.




Last night was interesting – yes I think I am getting it LOL!




Got some great insights and my creativity with my cooking went through the roof! This didn’t happen til the fourth night.




I keep having the premonition of my dad passing (he is currently 82 and all is fine right now). It seemed to keep popping up. I also noted that my readings seemed even "easier" to do despite the challenges I always face of my fears on each and every one,




My favorite has been test.2 guitar I have been really super enjoying listening to the #2 recording! It's fantastic beautiful music and relaxing.




I definitely feel I've had a wave of creative energy led by CREATIVE VISION= happiness. I want to maintain that and grow it!! I felt / actually felt the experience of the state of innocent happiness in a lucid dream while listening to #1 test music.




I'm more relaxed. Pleasant- less internal stress.




Oh! Smell. Is there such a thing as olfactorence? [paranormal- smelling] :) I sometimes get wafts of fragrance , it's really nice. This past week it's happened twice with strong scent of flowers. I don't have any flowers in the house!


All the time - in my head there is this "ESP" as you describe. it's huge part of my thought process.




The #2 music is so perfect that for me it's not easy to categorize in my brain because there are many musicians in my family and this is good music that I'm used to. Lucky me.

:) Yes yes yes indeed.




It really made the difference in the atmosphere of the day. Thank you! We all benefited in peace and harmony - everyone seemed to stay on the same level of balance. even with a three year old creating delicate female child chaos.




I passed through this time of 2013 Christmas holidays with no stress or anxiety for the first time since I was a child.




The music feels like moving. Like sailing. I can't wait to listen to #3 !




I saw a large glowing ball coming forward in my mind. This glowing ball morphed very naturally into an eye. It was a full eye, very brown, with eyelashes, eyelid, etc. I watched as the eye opened and closed several times, getting wider and narrower as though trying to focus. Once focused, throughout the rest of selection 1, this eye stayed with me looking off in many different directions. Sometimes it was lying flat looking up, other times it was sideways looking off to either the right or left, sometimes above looking down, and so on. Every once in a while, I would get a glimpse of what appeared to be desert behind the eye, but most of the time it was just a glow. (As an aside, I felt like this was my third eye coming forward [pineal gland opening up] taking the opportunity to finally come full force ahead and enjoying being able to look around, though I wasn’t seeing what it was seeing).




The 2nd selection began and I saw the glowing ball come forward again only this time it was covered with multi-colored sparkles. Within its glow, I started to see facial parts floating... a nose floating off to the left, a mouth floating away and up. At some point these parts came together to form the face of a curly haired woman, then a translucent couple a bit of a distance back kissing. Then, a black man sitting on a bench and a final vision of a group of people getting off of a bus in the desert. The black man and the group of people getting off the bus were very real and I felt like I could have gone and spoken to them easily.


The first time I listened to music #1, I saw with my eyes closed a night-time street lit with lamplight and, separate from this visual, a red-sequined heart.




I really liked the music in test 2. That’s good stuff.




I smelled cocoanuts but there is nothing smelling of cocoanuts in my bathroom (I double checked). It was very noticeable, like it was right there beside me.




I saw all kinds of faces, a stream of them that sort of morphed one into another- Then I saw greenery, trees of all sorts; a lot of decorated Christmas trees, and some simple pines undecorated, like in a forest.




I listened to the music 2 times in succession; it went very quickly, and I was very relaxed.  I stayed in the tub for about ¾ of an hour.




I still felt very happy, and then I had crazy dreams. My mood was also much better than usual today, which is saying quite a lot, because I am dealing with a difficult situation with my cat possibly dying.  I feel peaceful and okay with it, which is not normal for me-

-but good!




Over the past two days I have received two large, very unexpected gifts of things I have been wanting but couldn't quite afford.




Feeling unexplainably and abnormally happy and at ease. I have more energy and just seem to know what I need to do even in a crisis without getting overwhelmed. I'm not as triggered by difficult people, and am able to deal with them with humor rather than reacting in kind.




Several of the answers for today's game came to me in random ways over the past few days. This is fun!




I have been having very vivid dreams and yesterday I was able to build a heat transfer system in the basement to get heat upstairs from the wood burner. I just went right ahead and built it as if I knew what I was doing, I guess I did :). Amazing results.


I think I liked the guitar one, I think it was test 2. I felt lots of energy moving in my brain. Like if my synapses were strings and the music was strumming them, that's how it felt!





Last night after listening to track 2, I dreamt of a talking dog. That was unusual for me. Comprehensive equanimity, global attentive alerted alertness.

I did have a nice vision of a country road while listening to test #2.  I love the woods and it felt very important,




Shortly after listening to Test #2 I had a GREAT idea to fix something I've been living with for years.




A tuned up brain is better than my usual overworked one.




Very restful !




What I keep getting thru this whole testing experience.. what it all boils down to for me is.....I'm going to be alright. That's the common thread.




These brain tests seem to have opened up something that has been locked in my brain and my higher self , I have the "means" to help me heal....I could already click my Amygdala forward...but I didn't realize what all it could do until maybe now.




WOW!  As I've said....I keep getting the same message- "healing and teaching the brain another route" - and it's getting LOUDER as I continue on with your brain Music study.





My soul felt like dancing and my Amygdala is quite happy........




Experienced a 'vision' of a young man smiling, not somebody I know, for a few seconds. then he disappeared, like a dream, clear, vivid.


I heard a woman's voice and a man's voice while listening to this testing sample. I was unable to make out exactly what they were saying, but I could clearly hear them talking about something.




a feeling of pressure in my forehead, also a kind of tingling and pressure in my solar plexus and lower belly.




Digital "Block" Images Of Saturn & Moons. Rainbow Colors With Rotating Sphere "Ball" near center of colors. Rotating Helix Transforming Into 64 Point Matrix Flower Of Life




I began to hear clicking or popping sounds. They sounded like fireworks exploding in the far distance. They were random, some in groups and others spaced out. These continued long after the test sound stopped.




This one is a familiar but natural sound, probably that of a raging river, very calming. It contains for me all of the music of the Universe.




I posed the question of when I should sell some particular stock options that were nicely profitable but were not near the expiration date. On the first and second nights that I listened to Test3), I had dreams about hills. These are significant to me because I buy call options when the stochastic indicator is at the bottom of a cycle (a hill) and sell them when the cycle peaks out.




This dream vividly showed me that I should pay attention to my instincts and take action right away when I sense danger. It is directly applicable to my options trading and the rest of my life too, as I tend to be analytical.




I  look forward to more results from the music for ESP.




The question I asked was not answered though, but what did strike me was, like last time, the clarity of the image was remarkable, it felt like this woman (unknown to me) was not an image, but a real person standing right in front of my eyes.


A wonderful sensation occurred in my forehead and around my eyes, while a black circular thing (I would describe it as a telescope) seemed to emerge from around the area of my eyes and forehead. It reached out quite far ahead of me, and once it was fully extended I saw another eye looking back at me from the other end. It was fun!!




Shot upward and heard a vast harmonic, angelic chorus in the crown of my head which felt millions miles away. Burst through a sound or particle barrier (?) then heard accordion music which seemed hilarious. Kept speeding upward until the MP3 ended then heard whales and felt submerged in water where I floated in peace for awhile.




I was in a train speeding along tracks. The tracks were sky bound. I heard the clackity clack of each track. Then it morphed into a plane traveling horizontally rushing through thick mists of modern jazz and music that sounded like Led Zeppelin.




This time heard a different choir -- harmonic chanting of female voices encircling the crown of my head. Then, powerful jet streams of fire, sounds and light shot out of my ears – instead of streaming into my ears.*




Immediately found myself in a long, dark alley/passage. It went through the center of my forehead to beyond my medulla oblongata. I heard upbeat jazz coming from a lone, male trumpet player who was leaning against the wall. A long way down, at the end of the passage, a female was singing Blues. These sounds co-mingled and reverberated through the entire length of the long alley. I noticed liveliness, harmony and contentment despite surrounding darkness and constriction of the alley.




Insight: I love the notion of putting on headphones and having stuff I don't want extracted out of my ears/brain instead of going into them! The white noise did that. This experience was literally music to my ears.




My brain and me sense this music as a pure and high art form. During 4 listenings I've had vastly different spontaneous perceptional experiences every time. Each was set at moderately low volume. I consider these meaningful experiences.




I started hearing what seemed to be a radio station or a band playing in the background. I never heard this during any past listening sessions with the "white noise" track, last month. Maybe the new JVC headphones you suggested are making some type of difference. My surrounding environment at 2:30am was dead quiet.


Vocal intonation and expression of emotion came across VERY clear, though.




I asked the question to get meaning from this. The immediate answer was for me to go back to the deeper wisdom of my youth.




That music I mentioned hearing, I hear it through my left ear. So I switched the headphone speakers to the opposite ears... same thing.




Test 3 has been the best track, so far, for working out personal concerns and issues.




I felt like it was opening a portal or something and that "unknowns" could get to me more easily which freaked me out.




If this new thing of yours can do this, wow this can be a GREAT year for me in so many more ways!!!!!!




When I listened to the white noise one I went outside to do Chi Gung & suddenly heard the same sound at first I thought it was totally magical & then I realized that a huge dead eucalyptus tree limb w/lots of dead leaves had dislodged itself & come slowly to the ground sounding almost exactly like the sample. Of course that was a great synchronicity. There was no wind or anything to get that limb to move except to tell me the music works.




Last night, the strangest thing happened. I listened to Test music #3 twice before i fell asleep. After i was sound asleep, i heard whispering and a few sounds of a very low man voice. It woke me up! I heard or sensed this again and again it startled me awake . I even sat up in bed to look around.




The whispering I could hear but couldn't' t understand as well as a few syllables in a low man's voice.




The white noise turned into a train sound. Then, I could very clearly hear music behind the train which went on for a good minute or so. After that, I could hear large squadrons of WWII fighters, then I’d be back to the train. After that, it went back and forth between WWII fighters and the train throughout.


Sometime during the early morning hours after that email, as I laid back down, movement caught my eye. On the wall toward the end of the couch was the shadow of a cat. It was as clear as it could be and took its time walking. I knew it was our cat, Tipster, whom we had to have put to sleep in 2011, I believe. I knew this because he always walked with the tip of his tail bent over and this was what the shadow was doing too. I was quite thrilled to see him! The smell we encountered after Test 1 would have belonged to this cat as well.




I immediately received visuals of rows and rows of tree trunks (live trees), but I could not see the tops. After that, my view went the other way and I saw the back door of a red house.




OMG I listened to test 3 mp3 on a loop for a little over an hour when going to bed last night. I was having the most amazing dream that I was aware in like I was wake and the colors, pace and events were breathtaking. It was so real and exciting that I tried to not wake from it. It was so  exhilarating.




I am so excited by this aware and awake dream. That was amazing!




Also my youngest daughter was in this dream and we were communicating and talking as if we were awake.




I felt when my body needed to get out of the bed to go to the bathroom and I thought to myself in this dream state that I don't want to wake up but it got to the point that if I didn't I would have an accident and I was so aware of that but I knew I was in a dream. Yoo hoo! I am  so thrilled from this... seriously!




I found the test #3 to be the most calming.




I have been having very unusual and vivid dreams that I recall more and more easily. And there have been a couple of times where, in the dream state, I seem to know the person that I am speaking to quite well I can even remember them clearly the next morning. But in reality I have never met them before.




A couple of times now I have known that someone was coming. For example, I felt that my son had just arrived in our yard when he walked around the corner of the house.


A day later I was thinking of a friend in the morning; then she phoned just before noon and said she was going to drop in after lunch.




Also our neighbours asked us to keep an eye on their house since they were going to be away for several days, which we did. Yesterday all of a sudden I got sort of a heads up` feeling and a car drove into their driveway.




Throughout the week I had answers to questions and information that I was seeking come very quickly and easily.




I have had this same sensation before, but never even close to this intense. I have always associated this sensation with "something" trying to make me more alert and aware.




Dreams and insights.  Most notably with test 3.




I noticed more peripheral movement and my brain wants to attribute "life" to this inanimate motion.




The past few days I keep think I am seeing a mouse running at the base of the wall or a flash of light and it is nothing around the edges of a chair or whatever...sometimes it is the light yet often things are as they are...without air flow or lights.




I did receive some information while listening. There was one that told me that something was going to happen that I am still waiting to see if it does. Another had me expecting something that did happen.




Now, I may have just imagined this but, it seems that my son, who is deceased, said that he was with his Dad and not to worry. As I say, it may have just been my imagination but it did seem real.




The "Orchestral" one is also nice, its the second Favorite, and gets Five Stars.




The music is Very soothing actually. But what came into my head about 45 minutes later out of nowhere was very odd. A face came into my mind as a photo and I haven't thought of this person in about 40 yrs.


At first I thought it was a fluke but after this has happened a few times, a few seconds into it....I start to get this pulsing sensation in my frontal lobes. My whole forehead. It's not really a heart beat I'm feeling, and it's not pulsing to the music either but a sort of combination of the two.




But today was an EXCELLENT seeing day for me.....and I did have a retina checkup today. Suffice it to say my doctor is baffled by my progression of getting better.....



Wow.....! Sort of a affirmation brain can do just about anything I want it to do...and more. SMACK!  What a revelation!




Chanting/meditating on Abundance and then listening to the music brought about various images of times when I've been happy - being hugged by a friend, landing a date with a gal I admired. The birth of my daughter, holding her as an infant and dancing to music, watching her blossom and shine... Other images: Oak tree in winter blossoms and turns into a forest. Basketball turns into a space station - that one was weird in a fun way.




With this test I noticed that I can recall a little more of the dreams I have upon waking. Also, while dreaming, I am aware of the people I know and the people I don't know. It's kinda cool dreaming and being able to have that slight insight.




I had a vivid dream where I was eating a delicious egg roll. The crunchy texture of the egg roll stood out very clearly



While listening to 4-B my attention was drawn to the middle of my forehead. There was this feeling that the music had become centered in that area. It wasn't as if that area was receptive to the sound, such as when one listens through the ears, but that the music was affecting that area as one would play an instrument. This experience was repeated with increased clarity during each subsequence listening.




Last night while thinking of my experience of 4-B and how to describe it to you, the violate light appeared. It was faint, such as when the moon is seen behind clouds, then suddenly it burst toward me in a stunning brilliance of violate and gold colors. It was a very satisfying experience, indeed.




I listened to Test 4 before going to bed and woke up with a feeling of deep peace. It last a few hours and faded.


I was shown a future acoustic technology designed to re-route and calm stress in marine life. I saw mega-high-tech music chips (?) being planted under-sea.




Test 4b also drew my awareness to connections between the central nervous system and the immune system I was shown how the gut (GI tract), the spine (central nervous system) and the brain all have opioid receptors. (?)




I sensed that the music of #4b somehow activated some of these receptors because I could feel it travel in 2 vertical columns down through my own body and light areas up.

What a ride. I assure you, none of this is fabricated. It's my truth during listenings. Another in an ongoing series of nightly survival dreams. But this time I was in no danger,

myself. Instead, I was able to notice and avert a deadly situation for others. Again, as in previous nights' dreams, all ends safely. These dreams are not normal for me to have. I can only site the Test Music as the reason.




This is a definite effect of Test 4. My ability to clearly develop philosophical concepts is not only heightened from the listening, but the overall tone is of goodwill towards all. I mean, since Test 4, there is a very noticeable dynamic of increased sense and awareness of the need for community well-being, and the impetus to help it come about!




At the end of the last track, I'm often teary-eyed




Inner peace/silence. All thoughts are calm instead of impressions bubbling up. After listening about 20 minutes later I drift off to sleep. Music seems to maybe heighten the present moment feel.




I felt good thoughts while listening and I drift off to sleep easily with it.




I have gotten more work done too with this one - I feel like getting more done during the day and night. I also had some weird thoughts listening last night of some childhood memories which surprised me, things I hadn't thought about forever.




I don't know how things would have gone had I not been focused on a brain music study. I had no stress over Christmas time. I have been creative. I have insight.


Test 4a and b - it's beautiful. Sounds like music for a king and queen, literally .




My favorite has been test.2 guitar. But all of them seem to grow off the last to form a line of time, like a time line in any given life.




I am open. Open to new thought. Open and willing to crack the concrete in my mind. Crack it, clear it, and clear it away!!




I saw (in my mind ‘s eye) a piece of desert grass, then a shadow that looked like a skinny king. The view panned up to the left where there was a large rock with a prairie dog standing straight up on it. The prairie dog was casting the king shadow.




The visions kind of snuck up on me. I was seeing them, but didn’t realize right away that I was seeing anything. Kind of a strange sensation.




I saw a beautiful nebula off in the distance with stars all around. It was multi-colored vibrant colors. When that went away, I saw the profile of a small child, just from the neck up. It was a young, blonde haired boy with a good tan about the age of 5. My sight of his profile kept moving closer and closer until all I could see was the inside of his eye.




I did notice that it puts me nearly to sleep very restfully.




As for the meanings of these visions, this will take a little time. I’m versed at determining the symbols in my dreams (my own dream language), so this can’t be much different. It’s my soul language and it will use symbols that only I would understand. So, I’ll work on this and see what I come up with.




The music is so beautiful that my soul is soaking it up.




I had two separate dreams in which I was aware of being in a dream and they were both like I was awake in my so call real world life.




This has been really a delight so far thanks for this cuz I am really loving it.


I have to say that audio 4b was a blessing. I really enjoyed it so much and it is so beautiful that it makes me vibrate




The effect was dramatic relaxation in parts of the physiology. The synthetic harp is a joy; some happiness is there bubbling along each time I play it (helping to sooth over the annoyance from the previous section).




Inner peace… that has been happening to me since I first started listening to your music. And these last two pieces of music were wonderful.




When I listen to them I feel like I’m soaring above crystal waterfalls or sparkling snow covered mountain tops. When they end, I often just stay exactly as I am for another 10 or 15 minutes; not moving or thinking of anything; I am perfectly content; before getting back to my life or falling asleep.




I seem to see a lot of faces of people whom I have never met, but who feel familiar.




I listened again before bed to both pieces. By the end of 4B, I felt waves of energy coming through my heart. It felt like a river of energy was pouring into the top of my head and out of my heart.




There was a very clear voice in my head that said, "hello." I also had some more very vivid and nice dreams after this one.




4b, which only caused me to cry each and every time I listened. Test #4 4A:4B Brio Bliss Brain Bloom.

I had a very very vivid, very very brief image of two soldiers' uniforms, khaki, with black rectangular badges over the left pockets and white numbers on these. It was so fast that I couldn't even make out if the bodies filling the uniforms were alive or dead, and it didn't include the heads at all, it was zoomed too close. It was extremely vivid and real, but just for a split second.--- The visual occurred on the early morning of the 7th, and I mailed you the following day. I don't have a TV and my radio's broken, but after I'd mailed you I saw the major UK news story about the USAF training helicopter crash that killed 4 on the night of the 7th. Couldn't help wondering about an association. It's an odd image for me to see, as I don't have any interest or involvement in anything military.


What I  have been  consistently  and  pleasantly experiencing  is a  flood  of  great  ideas, inspirations and brand new ways of doing ordinary things.




Whatever the explanation, I have been seriously enjoying the past few weeks and taking advantage of the ideas coming to me.




There is someone I know who was not doing well and wasn't expected to live much longer. No one, of course, ever knows how long-- could be a short while or a relatively long time. Today, out of nowhere, the thought came to me that he was gone. Sure enough, I just heard that he is no longer with us. I somehow knew of this at about the time that he passed away.




I have the same results of each day.  I haven't slept this good in a long long time... EVEN with interruptions. No fog. I get up without feeling tired at all.

Evidence of a theta pop after listening. Great stuff! Mental images:

Loving couple taking a picture.

People saying goodbye in a parking lot. A jazz club atmosphere.

Spanish Flamenco dancers.

Woman washing her hands and preparing salad. Faceless people in busy airport terminal.

Man playing guitar.




I have been listening to this most of this afternoon and a few moments ago, I started crying. I am not sure why, but I am crying. Like a calm cry (i.e. snotty nose and a few tears down my cheeks). I am not sure what made me start, but I am still crying as I type this message to you.




Spilling of multi-colored stars, with back drop of infinity. Clear Blue Sky on pearly white sandy beach.

Slight uplift moment in feeling.

Orb, spherical shaped flower of life merkaba. Dark blue-ish back drop.


Tracks one & two brought on more Divine Symmetry. Sacred Geometries like imagery. And certain bumping feelings through the track. Previous odors of flowery perfume from first two tracks.




I got the feeling to just accept and go with the flow, even for the bad stuff, and it worked out great.




While listening through the various selections in this last test #5, the recurring thought is that though I may change and the world may change around me, God is the only constant in my life. I've nothing to fear.




On Saturday night I listened again when I went to bed, and this time images of geometric shapes came to being in that space between awake and asleep after the music was over.




After a listening session I was busy doing something else (watching a movie about American Indians on the computer) when suddenly I saw a man's face just sort of hovering next to the computer. His face was there in great detail and appeared very real. I also know it was a vision because of the way it felt to me.




I dreamed that I was swimming very close to a pod of whales. Also, my ability to swim strongly and remain safe was pronounced. This dream felt much more LUCID than my previous ones, during previous Test tracks.




For me, the greatest effects came from the last of the 4 pieces (with the jazz ensemble), . It was the drumming that was the key trigger to set my mind free. This song was showing me, by example, that life is actually "controlled chaos"




This was my most profound of the five tests. It wasn't a test for me... it was a lesson.




I hope it's not premature to thank you now for this wonderful opportunity to listen to, learn from and experience these awesome musical tracks you've created for us to experiment with.




The experience has truly been life-altering, all for the most profound good... exceedingly so! I know that these effects, gifts as it strikes me, will now continue for the rest of my life.  With deepest gratitude.


1st composition was beautiful guitar and I think I was really quite focused on the guitar playing itself, so didn’t have any visions, feel anything specific or hear anything unusual. Every time the flute would hit a high note, I would get an exploding white light into the center of my mind’s eye. It started out exploding in white, then changed to lavender.




I was not walking, but floating through the trees and seeing them and the forest floor from about 3 feet off the ground. After floating a good distance this way, I suddenly shot up and out of the trees, moving further and faster above the forest until I was in the clouds. The vision ended there even before the music was complete.




I just listened to Test 5 and it's amazing that I had a so real dream that I awoke and could still remember all of it including the persons in my dream by names.




I love, love, love the music of test 4b so much but this new one is interesting is what i will say right now.




Yes, since the study ended, I have been able to resolve problems that I had previously had no answer to. The solutions just seem to come to me out of nowhere. Quite nice.




I am able to do more time meditating/daydreaming/inventing/breathing than usual. Before I would either snooze or leap up and agitate.




I have had an amazing run of coincidences in finding info and applying that to something else. So far this is the most positive and profound effect.




I am much calmer and with better posture. To the extent that people are remarking on my apparent health.




I am a lot more aware of my own lizard brain reactions, catching them earlier in cycle. Ah, Yes. I am now able to "take in" 'bad stuff' and am left with "nothing but good".




Once a scene was in my image like in a nature film. I saw a valley, with gray stony gruff rocks, partly concealed by dark big firs. Further below in the valley a colored-colored deciduous forest in one big juicy shining greens directly on very much a wide river bordered which reached very far up to the horizon. The sky was got cloudy, between the clouds a darker one blue. It looked close, although I do not know this place which I saw there.


It had looked like a half of a tiny brain from far away, and the Background was bright with blue and yellow in it. The thing what looking like a Brain was dominant more then the Background. So I do not remember on details. This Brain "Thing", was bright red.




I had another impression from ' go through the world. It was more a feeling than one picture. Not so easy to describe, but the core feeling was "moving a bit dreamy trough the world".




Sometimes, additional there is some sensation which is a feeling of flickering energy, like an oscillation. And If that happen to me, i just forget everything in this moment. I then spend my complete attention on that. Because it is so overwhelming, nothing else matter than. Indescribable, I can not remember any such feelings in my life before, which is similar to that.




What followed was by far the best conversation of my entire time with them; all three of us enjoyed the chat immensely.




Was definitely inventing in my sleep!




Much deeper sleeping in spite of being a deep sleeper - lots of dreaming where my history is little awareness of dreaming - a rediscovered desire to listen to classical music




I have thoroughly enjoyed the music (#3 was less appreciated) as I have often found myself an observer watching the music enfold. Thank you for the opportunity.




Music is back in my life and definitely my new sleep narcotic of choice ... never used one before.




I have to say that my outlook on my future is Much Much brighter




My Intuition is even MORE pronounced (oh joy) LOL! I've never been an "irrational" person but I am even MORE calmer than before.




I can click my Amygdala in at ANY time ANYWHERE now. No problem. Doesn't matter where I am or who I am talking to. I don't need to concentrate...and I don't need to "think" or "hear" any music in my is just "there" in a blink of a think




That beautiful piece of music will FOREVER be engrained in my memory. In EVERY detail. For lack of a better brain LOVES to play with that piece of music. I would LOVE to see on some sort of scan of exactly what my brain looks like when it is clicked in.....I bet that is just awesome....if it can be registered on some sort of scan or wave that is.




While participating in the study, my focus AND action in moving towards a career change has been amazingly enhanced. I feel more confident that what I am doing is the right move and I had an extremely positive result in that journey yesterday - amazingly positive in fact.




I believe that simply listening to the music on a daily basis has enhanced my intuition that moving forward in my new career path is a good thing and that I will be successful in the journey. Plus, in reviewing many of the images that I have had while listening, the one thing that sticks in my mind is that my creative energy has increased quite a bit.




My motivation... happiness and positive outlook has been noticeably enhanced since the study. Quite remarkably increased!




I enjoyed being apart of this study as I would love to know how music effects us all, especially different types of music effects. I think I listen to a range of music, but if I knew certain types were better than others, I'd certainly modify how I listened to music in order to receive benefits.




Visual results. Typically during musical stream. I experienced this- 1). An idea or insight.

2)               A mostly "visual" imagery whilst listening to audio stream.

3)               predominantly "insight"

4)               odor (uplifting odor, flower perfume)




I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your associates for sharing your musical talents with us. It was a stimulating and joyful experience and I expect to see benefits into the future.




All I know is that area [amygdala] is more active during my meditations since taking the musical tests



After listening to the first music sample, I went through a strange period where I actually saw flashes of numbers and/or geometry. This effect was duplicated during extremely lucid dreams for three nights dreams of looking up into the night sky and seeing numbers and shapes.




The third piece of music also seemed to induce very vivid dreams. Actually I’ve now kind of spun off onto a lucid dream quest reading about supplements that can induce them, etc. – it’s been such a blast.




I had at least one of either during each of the tests looking back. Each of them turned out to be correct in my opinion.




I had an attitude shift lasting about 5 days where I just had an accepting feeling as I went about conducting my day and had no frustration when things did not go according to plan. I did notice that things seemed to workout for the better anyways during this period.




I experienced a deep feeling of peace for about three hours after waking before it faded It turns out I had a dream that I believe was precipitated by the music sample.





Seem to have many more coincidences in the past few weeks. The music gives a sense of well-being.




I am thankful for taking part in the  experiment,  and  wish  you  all  success  with  all your projects - I think more will follow!




The environment that worked best for me was in bed at night.


Incidences of synchronicity have increased for me , and I have noticed that when I "see" things with my eyes closed, I now see them in much greater clarity than before




Most of the music samples I listened to allowed me spontaneous adventures into intriguing, distinct, fun, and informative places. A side bonus was that I learned more about ranges and tones of receptivity, awareness and susceptibility within me as I took these memorable trips via conscious sound. It's a colorful study filled with variables




Telepathy is dramatically increased when tickling my amygdala. I am also much more sensitive to life. I feel both intense sorrow and joy. My empathy is heightened. My breathing slows naturally down very quickly, which has numerous benefits clearly showed in the Buteyko method. My voice gets much softer and I speak with more ease without straining my vocal chords.




The music enhanced almost everything I did after, for instance meditating, reading and general problem solving. This how I have used the music the most, to enhance other things.




I didn’t always have a particular question to resolve, that I was conscious of. However, several times the answer to an unconscious question came up anyway.




The music was quite pleasant




Thank you for this experience--I have learned a lot about myself and my capabilities as a human being.




When I did experience the effects they were very powerful.




I'm continuing to have dreams which are consistent with the ones that started after the Test began. The theme is always one of finding myself in some type of negative or threatening situation which came up with someone else's decisions in the dream. As I decide to follow my own direction instead of theirs, I survive safely but they fall victim to their own bad decisions.


I never had this type of dream before. It started with the Test tracks and continues every night now! I must say that I regard these dreams as positive in nature! Also, I still listen to all the songs, plus others from your other CD'S. I spend a lot of time with the "white noise" track.




I have listened to the 1 & 4 more times because I like them so much.




All in all I enjoyed this experiment very much even if I didn't really do it very systematically.

I mentally flew to wonderful abstractions & was not put into any negative mind sets. Dreams have been easier to remember.  Seems like more clarity all around, not just





First of all, I have been sleeping like a baby every time I listen to the recordings at bedtime. Not even my usual and my moods and sugar cravings were a lot easier to manage!




I had some vivid daydreams and insights. My questions before listening to the recordings was what is the purpose of my life.




I usually do not remember my dreams, but since starting to listen to the recordings, I had 2 vivid dreams which I was able to recall the next day. Since I have stopped listening to the music, I have not remembered my dreams.




I have continued using 4B and had some very real dream to the point I am making decision and communicating with others in those dreams. Some have even dealt with long unresolved conflicts. I have been really having a lot of joy from sticking with 4B.




I see visuals, which could be considered a type of daydream. One visual I experienced of my elderly aunt, who has been ill, showed her as her younger self sitting across from me.




Listened to 1 (lots- I was addicted) 2, 3, 4. Mostly in darkened environment before going to bed- but played each in the car as well, as well as out for a walk.


Seemed to be more effective right before sleep- Had vivid, dreams with each which I believe were precipitated by music I also have had several moments of insight (found my missing Bluetooth!) and brief moments of what you call vivid daydreams with all 3.




Each have produced flashes of objects in my inner light.




About 1/3 of the way through the file on my second listening I had a period of a couple of minutes of intense joy.




Yes, I listened to every one of the pieces of music more than one time and in several different environments. I liked the tub and just before bedtime best. I used headphones every time




I seem to have subtle promptings – parking spots seem easier to find




I have noticed that I am paying more attention to my dreams, and also that synchronicities’ seem far more noticeable than they used to be.




I loved every piece of music and I always seem to be very content with myself after listening. I have wondered if my breathing and heartbeat have somehow attuned to the music.  I almost felt like I was flying during some of the pieces of music.

I have had odd things happen, and I have had at least one, ‘very vivid’ remote viewing that was absolutely correct.




I feel like I am in a different place emotionally over all compared to where I was at the beginning of the study, as a result of listening to the music.




I'm wondering--does the music work the same as the amygdala tickling? I got some small results with that after I read your book a few years ago, but I didn't stick with it, and this was much more dramatic and lasting. It's also just wonderful music to listen to.




I have had results listening with and without the earbuds, but the effect is greater with them.




Dreams and insights.  Most notably with test 3.


I want to tell you how much I LOVE your music! I listened to Tests 1, 2, 3 and 4 over and over again.




Wow, ever since I listened to Tests 3, then 4, I'm not alone focused on writing, but on everything else that I want to accomplish in a day! I feel more organized and driven to get things done, but in a happy, enjoyable way! it's GREAT to feel this way! I can do more physically, AND mentally, a total win-win!!




This has been a truly amazing experience. Thank you for accepting me into your test group!  :)




This sure is FUN!




That night I had 2 notable dreams that I remembered. The 1st was about my car---which in the dream was a powerful, hot car (not like my own car) ---and since I believe a car in a dream is your own body---I was VERY happy .


The next thing that happened was a sudden insight. Oh, what a relief! Thanks for giving us this opportunity!  It's helped me a lot!

I see different colors