PIANO IMPRESSIONS FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION are thoughtful and playful piano solos recorded on a 9 foot Baldwin concert grand. This is Neil's first studio recording, from 1982.  Many of these compositions appear on other recordings here, but these are the original pure classical renditions on keyboard.  Suitable for any listening environment, dinner, work, driving, etc. This tape is good for relaxation and/or refreshing the brain for years of music listening pleasure.

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Hey Neil, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that 4 years after I bought the Piano Impressions CD I still listen to many of the tracks almost everyday. In fact, I downloaded the tracks to my Ipod and now I take time out each day to meditate using that music. I have found it is a real "mood balancer". Normally, you discover new music and if you love it...you love it until you get tired of it....but I still have not got tired of those piano compositions.
That Cd is inspiring me to learn how to play the piano now....
Thanks, Matt




Read- Piano Impressions 16 Page PDF Document



18 Tracks, 36 minutes

1. Dimension #28
2. Giraffe Music
3. Interuption
4. New Variations On The Dodo
5. CME
6. Opus Infection
7. Lewedus Preludus
8. The Garbonzo Bean Waltz

9.Fugue In Z Minor

10. Blahness #29

11. The Big Deal

12. 7-26

13. The Ameoba's Hairpiece

13. Miss White

14. Piece of My Artichoke Heart

16. Fight All Traffic Tickeets

17. Glenn Gould Memorial Breakfast Drink

18. My Money Is Gone

Release date, 1982    Re-Mastered, 2019



Piano Impressions Sampler 

(Giraffe Music, New Variations On The Dodo,

Glenn Gould Memorial Breakfast Drink, My Money Is Gone)




Neil Slade, electric and nylon string guitars, Fred Poindexter, steel string finger-style guitar and per



Neil Slade's The Amazing Brain Adventure






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