Brain Paint ACar
Money and Brain Radar Treasure- Neil Slade's Amazing Brian Music Adventure  




Click your amygdala forward and your BRAIN RADAR immediately engages. Keep your amygdala clicked forward, and perpetual frontal lobes advanced intelligence instantly alerts you to TREASURE other "average" brains miss entirely.

You will have treasure and gold LEAP into your lap- it's not pennies from heaven- its a treasure trove from heaven.


When you activate even BEGINNING Brain Self-Control and understand the difference between advanced Frontal Lobes CICIL Intelligence and primitive near-sighted reptile brain intelligence- your advanced frontal lobes BRAIN RADAR automatically puts you in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.

Literally poor average brains wouldn't know something good if it bit them on the olfactory bulb.

For you, amygdala clicked forward COSMIC COINCIDENCE becomes an everyday occurrence.

I am constantly "stumbling" upon valuable beautiful finds as my frontal lobes Brain Radar is always directing me towards wonderful abundance. Yours will too- as long as you CLICK FORWARD.

Brain Radar #1--  As a professional musician, I've always admired beautiful wooden music stands, but never justified actually spending the money for one. Recently, I was walking my dogs and on my path the beautiful wooden music stand shown above presented itself to me absolutely free. It needed a little bit of repair- easily accomplished. But here was something gorgeous that another person had THROWN AWAY and put in the alley.  Perhaps their brain knew I would be walking by and would appreciate it, eh? ;-)

Brain Radar #2--  Alas, the yearly dilemma of what to get my mom for her birthday and Mother's day--  Brain Radar to the rescue. Two blocks away I found this beautiful wooden park bench-- something Mom said she wanted not too long ago. A little clear finish on the wood, VOILA!  The perfect gift!

Brain Radar #3-- Health Insurance-- the dreaded "I" word. Most people and companies pay OUTRAGEOUS premiums for health insurance in the good 'ol USA. when I was informed today that State Farm was nearly doubling my previous premiums, Brain Radar instantaneously alerted me WHOM to contact. I ended up lowering my premiums, and got better coverage- and I gleefully told State Farm where in their corporate anatomy they could park their unjustifyably increased rates. . . Big :-)    Two months ago same story on my car insurance. Frontal Lobes will tell you to always shop for fair insurance rates. Your reptile brain will only allow you to be victimized by greedy corporate insurance.

Your frontal lobes know where to go...Your Brain Radar keeps more GREEN ENERGY in your pocket. 

Click your amygdala forward, and you will be astounded what your own Brain Radar comes up with...


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