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Review, October 2004

and CANON (and other) Printer Info



by Neil Slade

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My un-biased tested and compared recommendation to most people for most applications for any brand printer, with a free shipping coupon code shown here:

Inkgrabber Ink

Free Shipping on Ink & Toner

This is the ink I USE, and that I've tested to be superior to any of the dozens of available second and third party alternative inks. All inexpensive inks ARE NOT ALIKE- most others give inferior color. This includes off the shelf retail alternative cheap ink sold in places like Office Depot, Staples, etc- which is not good at all.

          It is generally  50% less expensive than the cost of regular ink refills, with as good or better color than OEM. It is even less expensive when  you but more than one cart at a time, and this is how I purchase ink.

          There are cheaper inks than this-- but I don't use them...

                    Read HERE to find out why, the alternatives, and the difference between inks including image comparisons.



After initial non-success with refilling a toner cartridge myself-- I've finally had some good results.

Computer Friends and other companies like Toner Refills sell toner to refill your cartridge yourself.

However, the toner generally doesn't automatically come with instructions, so you'll have to do a little hunting on the internet to find specific instructions for refilling your own brand of cartridge. Try searching Google using some key words like "toner refill instructions 'your brand of printer'". I eventually found the instructions for my Brother cartridge refill and overhaul- but it took a bit of hunting.

I have a Brother 1240 laser printer-- same as their newer 1440-- and previous troubles I had seemed to be fixed by using a can of compressed air and thoroughly spraying every bit of mechanismin the drum assembly I could access. This cleared out debrisand gunk that was preventing the new toner in the cartridge from applying properly. Simply following the toner refill instructions was not enough. And this was quite a fair amount of work taking the cartridge apart and refilling it. Also know that I have occasionallycleaned the drum itself when prints showed excess toner spotting my prints. (The drum is the very shiny green or blue colored electrostatic roller on the inside of the cart, accessible by a little poking around or by removing the toner cartridge portion if it is separate from the drum.) On both the Brother and a previous HP laser jet, I carefully and gently wiped excess toner off with a paper towel and denatured alcohol. This is a fragile part of the cartridge, so don't rub hard or use anything that would cause abrasion to this roller.

On the first and some subsequent refills, one might try simply opening the toner refill hole plug and putting in toner rather than taking the whole unit apart. This can be messy (although toner is dry stuff, it can go everywhere), so do it in the sink or outside first time. 

Factory toner carts work perfectly, but alas, they are WAY overpriced. A total bogus rip-off. If you can find a reconditioned cart for your LaserJet, try it and see. I alwayshad good luck with HP Laser jet reconditioned carts. But if you are willing to try to actually replace the toner yourself, like ink jet refills- you will save a substantial amount. Again, this seems like a relatively simple operation that is just scares off people who think machines are too complicated to fix themselves. Click your amygdala forward, get a little toner on your fingers, and save hundreds of dollars.


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