Click your amygdala forward to 

turn on your brain's advanced 






Did you ever VISUALIZE something in your head-- and wish you could FIND IT?


Or did you ever HAVE something ONCE, only to lose it or give it away, 

and wish you had another just like it?



Recently, I gave away three things I frankly enjoyed having:


1) Round glass top patio table.

2) Professional radio station quality record turntable.

3) Subminiature digital camera.


I gave these things away to friends who really admired these items, and who had wanted similar things for themselves. It was an enjoyable and happy way to share what I had myself with my friends who are more than deserving.


Of course- at some point I found myself thinking 


 "Man, I sure wish I still had that stuff- my table, turntable and camera"..........



So at this point, there's two things a person could do- 

1) Be depressed and sad that you gave away such good junk.

2) Be depressed and broke, and then go out and buy new replacements at considerable cost to one's self.

3) Click one's amygdala forward into happy frontal lobes brain radar and REALIZE abundance.


The frontal lobes are magical in many respects. First, they see at deep levels beyond what the greedy reptile "in the moment only" portion of the human brain is capable. (This is the part of the brain Dr. Paul McLean described at NIMH as the R (for reptile) complex.

The frontal lobes see far down the time line, deeper levels of cause and effect, and cooperative intelligence. Brain Time Travel for real. (This is the part of the brain Dr. Paul McLean described as allowing humans to think beyond dog eat dog.)

The frontal lobes are not hung up on possessive material territorial instincts like a hungry Komodo Dragon  protecting its deer leg meal, or a dog growling to protect it's slimy bone.


In this instance, I picked clicking forward as my behavioral and thinking option.

Happy clickety click click forward into the awaiting infinity calculating ESP frontals.


Before long, my happy go lucky frontal lobes made some interesting discoveries--


1) I found ANOTHER EXACT patio table just like the one I gave away-- for FREE, that a neighbor down the street put out on his lawn to give away.

2) Further down the street, for a couple of bucks at a garage sale I discovered the EXACT same turntable in BETTER condition for a couple of bucks (new, the thing cost a couple hundred).

3) The local camera store had a clearance on the same size mini camera, a MUCH MUCH BETTER one at the same price of the one I gave my friend as a gift.


The new and improved found frontal lobes treasures:


The moral of this little brain episode is two-fold:

Frontal Lobes generosity is never left lacking.

Click and Find what you need in this life.


It's all in brain self-control.


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