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Brain Explorer Feedback Election 2004- Neil Slade's Amazing Brain Adventure

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OKAY-- this seems to have become our political sounding board--   alright then.....;-)


Thanks to everyone who responded to my comments regarding BRAIN and our presidential election this year.

Everybody who is a regular at this site knows that politics and political claims figure way way down on my list of IMPORTANT BRAIN THINGS.

Never the less, once in a while the topic comes up, so I comment on it, and so do some of you.

It always makes for a good housecleaning around here- the "fake" brain explorers always manage to get all excited that I may have insulted some political hero or another-- and miss the point completely.

The regular Brain People, they get it.

Below are a few of the letters I got back after my Your Great Brain Adventure post-- (you can look at the original post here: and a follow up here:


This election had less to do with religion or anything else than it had to do with BRAIN FUNCTION.

Today I heard an evangelical Christian flat out reject the Bush doctrine, and state that the current administration was flat out opposed to core beliefs and faith she believes in, and she was astonished and hugely disappointed that her church made continual attempts to connect the two. You have to remember 20% of evangelical Christians still voted for Kerry. Religion and politics are connected only if you want it to be.

I, and I hope that I express this on my site, am not prejudiced against any religious system or political party or ideology in general terms. 

What I am is anti-nothink, and anti-dormant brain. EVERY party and every group has intelligent advanced cooperative compassionate intelligence thinkers that contribute to the well being and advancement of Planetary Survival and Enjoyment. 

Unfortunately, all groups also contain large numbers of sheep and manipulative wolves.

Who you vote for and what government represents you depends on what your brain is telling your fingers to push what voting button- not the button you wear on your lapel.

And even then- your vote may not even be counted (see below).


Partisan HUMOR on the election:


(And for an ALTERNATIVE mind expanding view of our elections - albeit NOT specifically brain related- perhaps consider a couple of other viewpoints:  )




Dear Neil,

I appreciate very much your honesty commenting US election results.

Don't worry for people who unsubscribe.

Me too, I have unsubscribe from some newsletters whose owners were patently
reptilian dormant brained guys.

Keep up the good job,


Hi Neil;
Don't know if you read all your mail but this one struck a cord with me.
I have come to the conclusion that too many people choose not to act with
moral courage and the fact that the party system has got to go. There
were more than two seemingly eligible candidates for president but were
not allowed the press. The paradigm must shift for people to get a grip
on what is really happening here.
Many blessings to you and all that you know.

"A book is a story for the mind. A song is a story for the soul." Eric
Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect. It means you've decided to
see beyond the imperfections.


Hi Neil, 
Just opened your e-mail about the elections, and all I can say is, "How 
true, and how sad." 

We are supposed to be living in the 
most intelligent, technologically advanced, and richest(?) nation in the world, yet we allow travesties like these to occur on a daily basis, 
usually due to our own LAZINESS!!

But you do have a point, we don't have to allow this to happen. I wish
more people would take your advice,
and try to "click forward." I have not been 100% successful at this, but my life has become significantly better, since I started to try. 

I especially like the part of your e-mail that said something to the effect of, "If you don't like my political views, un-suscribe." 

Thanks again for another stimulating e-mail. 

Dawn Mcginley 

(Neil responds: What I really meant was, "If you are not adult enough to discuss and listen to views that may conflict with your own-- why, go back to your CAVE." 


Hi Neil,
BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!


God Bless Amygdullas... 

Ahhh, we folks here in the Mile Hi city need to stick together.
Best wishes,



Thank you for your reply.
Indeed there are several countries that serve their population well, yet we
have inherited a welfare society, that is increasingly impossible to manage.
Seems there is an endless parade of victoms, which expect the government
to meet their every need, from education to housing to medical to providing
for their daily bread. America has indeed become to a host of people the
land of the freebee and the home of the depraved. The religions have become
government entities licensed to subdue the populace with superstitions and
fear, and a promised pie in the sky. Families have rendered the raising of
their young to the state as wards of the government. This nation only in the
last few years seems to be recognizing the error of social archeticture
administered by the state, and that personal responsibilty for individual
welfare is slowly becoming accepted.
The one overwhelming distinction in the current white house
administration, is the theme of local control and personal accountability.
Ergo, even though we have not arrived at the ideal government, the direction
we have assumed holds the possibilities of progress for everyone who is
willing to step up and participate in holding forth ligitimate values which
are condusive to prosperity, and moralities that engender positive
influences for our posterity.


great letter neil!...i agree with you 100 %- John Gwin


I agree wholeheartedly.
Unfortunately, as you say, Bush and company played the Fear and Religion
It will be interesting to see if you lose any subscribers (;-)
John Schuler
Portland, Oregon

*** Some thoughts - by no means unique - but perhaps of interest ***

Our founders were wise to separate religion from state.
Too bad they did not limit terms of political office - to ONE.
That would perhaps have prevented the plethora of entrenched fearmongers who
use political office as their pulpit of selfism and power: from Mayor to

If all of us would NEVER EVER Re-Elect anyone, this country would be much
better off. We'd have de-facto term limits and a chance to educate and elect
citizen-leaders in the Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian sense.

I was underwhelmed (though I voted for him as we had not much choice) with
Kerry's speaking skills and his own fear to address issues head-on, with
specific solutions: In his place, I would say to myself: "My chances are
slim, so let's pull out all the stops".

Also, as an electronics engineer and business consultant I KNOW the pitfalls
of voting machines with remotely-controlled software and no paper trails or

National Care: Feed and Educate and Nurse ALL our people - children and
adults alike. We spend 16% of our GDP on just health issues (does NOT count
education), and leave out 40M of our 300M people - while other Western
countries like Canada, Germany, UK and France, spend ~ 8% - and do a better
job for all their citizens. As in Singapore, each person would have the
basics of life. For more than that, they can always grow beyond the basics
and earn more income.

Guarantee Jobs.
Much less expensive than putting people in jail or having them sleep in the
street. If one is ill, one's job is to learn and have the will to heal.
Our educational system will address Body, Mind and Spirit - not just
left-brained survival traits. If one is old and feeble, one's job is to
learn and be of good cheer and help others by their example.

Work to become self-sufficient in energy. Don't pollute the seas and give
rise to dictatorships so that entrenched economic interests can grow
obscenely wealthy at the expense of our society and our citizens. Stop
wasting billions playing world cop to protect those vested interests. Bring
our troops home. Protect our borders. Differentiate between illegal
immigrants and Citizens. And share the positive aspects of our social and
economic largesse with the world as we did after WWII.

It would be good to have a positive-thinking leader with the oratorical
skills of a Churchill and the social sense of a Lloyd George (when they
together they put into place the beginnings of National Health Care in the
UK) in the early 1900's.


(Neil Replies: I have gotten almost nothing but positive emails-- save just one slightly
irritated-- I'll make a web page and post all of the responses next week.
I think the people who join my list are the farthest thing from
non-thinkers anyway.

Most anaysts are saying the homophobic vote cost Kerry the election-- just
amazing. I heard one anti-gay preacher on the radio, just made me vomit, his
illogical logic. Just incredibly stupid and prejudiced.

He said: "God didn't mean for humans to be gay, or else everybody would have been the same sex."

Now, by that logic, God didn't mean for us to live in houses, to drive cars, to read books, to use air-conditioners, to ride in air-planes to wear clothes either-- because God didn't make any of these things. We did."

Humans decide what they want to do. I don't see God interfering in people wearing shoes, and by all accounts, this is something people did on their own. I don't see God interfering in people's sex lives either, and I don't think some fat bastard in congress should either.

I'm going to marry both my dogs in protest.

thanks, John


Hey Neil,
I had to vote for Bush. Kerry reminded me of Greg Stillson from Steven Kings
"The Dead Zone". Every time I looked at Kerry, I saw Washington DC knee deep
in corpses and blood....

Oh, and I won't quit your list just because we happen to disagree on who
should be President. We all know that neither of the wo gentlemen really run
the country. Insurance, drug and weapon companies run this country. We
should be able to vote for C.E.O.'s of them maybe.....

All the best,



I agree with you completely!



I wont quit your list, but I actually resent your intrusion into my opinion of what is best for the USA. I will admit, with pride, that I am a follower of Jesus. And He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. While I click well the amygdala, I wonder if maybe you don't need to broaden the scope of your own education and study up on Jesus as well as the amygdala.
God bless us and all our amygdalals, one and all and put them into His service.
Robert Armstrong

(Neil Replies: 
Yes, I know something about Jesus myself.

I believe when Jesus said "Love your enemies" he didn't mean "Bomb your enemies."


> The Collective United States Voting Population Brain is still "90%
> Dormant".
> Proof: US Election Results.



Dear Neil. I appreciate what you are doing. I admire the way you speak
STRAIGHT; into the bull nose. Yes it is for averyone to get their brain
back... However...Do they know they are not in control of it? I am thinking
about the book: Trance-formation of America. by: Kathy O'brien and Maark
Phillips. ' Mass control, mind control'.

Keep on going sir, you are greatly appreciated. ps. I am from canada. 



If your not pleased with the election results; and you say that there is
no difference in the approach and seem to indicate that the philosophy of
all political parties all feed on negative mental processes. What would you
suppose would be the ideal form of government for a free society?
I have no party affiliations; yet I have to chose between the evils offered
at the polls.

(Neil replies: I don't think its a matter of KIND of government-
I think its a matter of people making informed and intelligent selection of
the representatives.

There are some very well working governments in scandanavia who set a good
standard for serving the people, and taking care of them without ripping
them off.

Keep in touch-- and thank you for your comments


It is amazing how the Christian bush can deny us our god given, self evident, inalienable, rights compounded with the inquisitioned stem cell research, and yet is so fervently a believer in the amoral corporation. Christian? or is that a buzz word for --click--hypocrite--click--. lying, mass murdering son of a ***.



Hi Neil,

For once I`ve managed to bring myself to write you a positive email. Being a
Brit who`s been entranced by the US elections I was very excited at the
prospect of a Kerry win, only to feel completely frustrated like many by the

It sprang to mind a series I have been watching on BBC2 Wednesday nights
called "The Power of Nightmares". This set of 3 programmes is an absolute
revelation in understanding why we`re all so scared. The series begins by
showing us how politicians used hope and positive dream fantacies back in
the mid part of the century, only for people to become dis-illusioned by
them and dis-trust politicians. In order to replace this method of control
they now use the power of fear to maintain their grip and have created
terrorist fantacies that really don`t exist!

There were no terrorists hiding in Afghanistan and there were no sleeper
cells lying dormant in any of the western countries waiting to strike. There
was no link to Saddam Hussein either. I would seriously suggest to anyone
that they try and obtain a copy of these programmes to see what`s really
going on out there. As Bill Clinton, an old hand at creating images said
just before the election,
"If one candidate's trying to scare you, and the other one's trying to get
you to think; if one candidate's appealing to your fears, and the other
one's appealing to your hopes; you better vote for the person who wants you
to think and hope."

Yours sincerely,

Martin Parker.


Hello Neil,

I am with you. 

I started listening to the Bush speech this morning. He said something
I will lead America forward...

No that's not too original or too astounding. What amazed me was that that
piece of inane drivel met with wild applause. 


I mean, 'forward' is implicit in the meaning of the word 'lead'... Would he
dream of saying, "I'm hoping to lead you all backwards"? what is it with
that mindless cheering. 

I am still optimistic. I think that the fear-filled ego driven people have
voted Johnny and the Shrub into their respective offices to do what George
and John said they'd do... and neither will deliver. So in four years time,
even morons will want a change. Of course by then, many innocent people
will have lost their livelihoods and even their lives, and the planet will
be under total siege. But we must remain optimistic....through this
terrible time.

Kind wishes to you



Dear Neil,

As I prepare to retire after this disappointing day, I am so grateful to have read your message concerning the outcome of the elections. I have been asking myself all day how I can keep from slipping backwards to reptilian thinking about it all. Your message was just what I needed to think forward and not lose confidence in my choices and the reasons I made them. I will sleep better tonight. I will spread the forward thinking philosophy. Thank you so much!


Palmer, AK


Hey Neil! 
Quit your list? NEVER. You are one of the encouragements that help me believe that humans can be more than cannon-fodder for a bunch of greedy old white men. 
But before you get too far out on that limb that the majority of voters are "dormant" I'd like to just point out that from my feebile research, it seems that most states that had electronic ballots all "voted" for Bush. Ahem. Maybe the voters aren't brain-dead after all. Maybe the results were rigged. How in the hell will we ever know? There's no paper trail, no way to really audit what happened on 11/02. 
Maybe more people are able to click to reality than you suppose. I hope so. I will hold that as a possibility. 
Not only can I click forward to a greater understanding, but I can encourage everybody I know to do the same. 
Thanks. I appreciate your work. 
Blessings, Jessy


Hmm. That was my original impression: but then again apparently some voters
struck the same problem when voting for Bush... I dunno. I prefer Renee des
Cartes' idea: doubt everything :-)

It worked for him!




Hey Neil!
You sort of alluded to it but didn't come right out and say it - so I don't
know if you know of the huge quantity of what used to be called subliminal
persuasion, that is in constant use in all media for the past 40 -50 years.
Of course people don't hear, see, or react in any way to reason, facts,
numbers, history, etc. when they are all deep in the reptile brain taken
there on the Midnight Special -- Fear Train. Fear about those events created
by the Fearmongers in the first place!!

You correctly see that the solution is to first educate people about these
things and second to have them wake up Spiritually and begin to learn about
Inner Life and about Higher Staes of Consciousness until they realize they
ALL can be at the Source of Creating their own Reality.

Incidentally, my personal guesstimate is that about one third of the voters
actually voted for Bush and that the rest was all voter fraud, as has become
the norm in this country.

Maria and Andras Nevai,
The Global Sacred Geometry Conference 2


Hi Neil,

Quit your list ? never !

I would rather subscribe twice !

Continue your oustanding job awakening people.

You'll see millions "clicking forward", and maybe sooner than you think.

Things are happening so fast now ...




We're never going to know for sure if there were weapons, plans for weapons or anything else. I don't care. That's one part of my environment that I have no control over. As for voting, how does one choose between one guy who is going to suck up to the terrorists because he thinks they won't hurt us anymore and another guy who is perfectly capable of blowing up whole cities to get one sicko terrorist. I'm glad the election is over with! 
Gayle C.


Neil, I couldn't agree more. Keep spreadin' the word.
Evolution takes time, I suppose. Keep up the good

All the best,



Dear Neil, I just received your latest newsletter. I can relate to it very well. Magic happens in my life all the time. The human race is poised to make a magnificent leap into their potential. We are witnessing the new beginnings of our self discovery of our inheritance.





Actually, I quit because I felt your email was just nasty.  It didn't have anything to do with why I joined your list. -


READ the emails, if you can- (links at top of this page) with comprehension, not personal political prejudiced agenda.

My emails, including the election emails ARE EVERYTHING about brain. This one was about political manipulation of brain process and response by politicians. By all sides.

As to nasty--


I'll tell you what's nasty, our government record, the environmental abuse, millions of polluting vehicles, starving people, war, dead civilians, no heath care, government and corporate rip-offs, insurance blown sky high, decreasing REAL wages--  do I need to go on?


That's nasty. And its all the public, and their elected representative who are responsible. Dormant brains aplenty.


Silence is even nastier.


Adult transcended brains handle verbal truthful discussion of important issues. Immature non-transcended brains cannot.


You decide which camp you belong to.



  I am so depressed at the results of the last election. I cannot believe we have so many misinformed citizens !!! Cannot anyone see that this democracy is actually turning into a fascist government ? Cannot we see that we are constantly shown propaganda by the monopoly that now owns the all our media. What happened to fair and balanced reporting. Or, someone taking the initiative to research something that is wrong in our society?

History has it that the German government used all the same ploys including invoking
God's name in all their messages. They were brainwashed too. Are we repeating this scenario while we kill our economy, decrease the standards for schools to keep the general public at an idiot level, allowing once protected government lands to be drilled for oil and lumbar cut down for profit.

What is this country coming to?

I can only pray that our democracy will return in 2008. I have even considered a move to Canada. I really can't watch as a dictator who call himself the king ruins all that was fought for since our nation began!!

Neil Replies: Click forward. Take action. That's the cure for depression, and social/political brain disfunction.




dear neil

thanks fr the clarifications...

come what may real people who need help are many...
as you say we need to look deep into our values of existence as
a human first...not as one who belongs to a certain country..or
group..or civilizations...
please throw out the gun companies in to early as u
all can...we have enough voilence as such...and world does not
need some g.i.joes maniacs at the helm of power...killing real
i grandly open my arms to hug and shake your hands fr being so
honest...let the good work keep growing...

we all will click ourseleves forward...

love and light




I'm one who won't be leaving your list.  I agree with you political and otherwise.
Palma Lee


Hi Neil,
The best thing that happened to me during this election was the realization that it did not matter to me who won.  I was with a friend in the emergency room all that day and was unable to vote but it wasn't my intention to do so anyway.
On to something else  -   today I experienced what I think was sinus related.  My right eye became very blurry and my head was hurting.  I was very distraught over my eye situation and getting a little panicky thinking I was going blind.  I laid down and closed my eyes and the eye thing was weird even with it closed and I became even more distraught.  Suddenly it occurred to me to click forward and I did.  This particular click forward was powerful and pronounced, no doubt about it, my panic quickly subsided and I feel asleep for a short time and woke up without the eye problem.  Clicking forward is very good in panic situations. 
Thank you so much for bringing this technique to my consciousness and I'll still like you regardless of your political beliefs (I think).         Love,  Sue



FINALLY-- the biggest hoot of this week was a letter from a "Neuropsychiatrist" who somehow managed in her web of synapses to take offense at my comments as being something other than anti-dormant brain. First her letter:

Your arrogance is only exceeded by your dogged adherence to outmoded eurocentric semi-socialistic thought patterns. Your promotion of a tired blame America first agenda as "enlightened" new thought is quite tedious.
Where is it mandated that to incorporate and utilize new understanding in neuroscience one must buy into the entire social agenda of the left?
It is patently obvious where you are "stuck." By the way, your derogatory comments toward people of traditional faith (which is still most of the country) is uncalled for. You are not automatically mentally or morally superior to them. 
 I actually laughed out loud several times at your closed minded political rants.
Keep it up, unprecedented Congressional/Senate gains made in 2002 and 2004
will surely continue if "enlightened people" like yourself continue to rant against the
traditional values most of the country holds dear.
Unfortunately, I will now have to promote other (nonpolitical) educational sites for my patients.
Victoria Carpenter D.O.


And now the truth: Doctor Carpenter's sole contribution to neuropsychology tracable on the web (what we've seen anyway) is in giving lidocaine to Dallas Texas patients awaiting electrolysis HAIR REMOVAL procedures in Dallas Texas. See:

"...Numbing injections of lidocaine seem to scare some folks much more than they actually should. Usually the fear of it is far worse than the actual event. We often work through previously numbed areas to make it as painless as possible. I honestly care about you and I hope it shows. Dr. Victoria Carpenter D.O. is the doctor legally in charge of the numbing and use of medications, yet all of us whom she delegates numbing to will treat you with the utmost kindness, sensitivity, and attention to safety....
There are several fast food restaurants within walking distance (Pizza Hut, Burger King, Grandy's, KFC, etc.). There is also a book store, a gym, a Radio Shack, and an Alltech (for the tekkie nerd gals), all within a quick walk from the office. If you have access to a car, the office is near the Dallas North Tollway and there are several malls, heading north on the tollway....."

Neil Replies:

I fear the numbing has moved too far beyond the hair line  ;-)     Quick!  Off to Burger King!


Also, "people of traditional faith (which is still most of the country)"-- if this implies that fundamentalist or evangelical Christians are a majority of the US population, this is incorrect. This group is a valid, yet minority of both the population and voting block.

Further, if I remember correctly, "traditional" implies nothing more than status quo, or old way, and there are no moral or intellectual superior implications of tradition for its own sake. If I remember correctly, slavery was a good ol' tradition for many years as well, as has been invoking the name of one's chosen deity, a popular practice during the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, and the Salem Witch burnings.

Onward Brain Soldiers.....



(A non-partisan bit of political humor all Republicans please enjoy this as well--if any body has a counterpoint- send it....)

A Christmas card sent from a Democrat to his Republican Friend:

The election is over, the results are known,
the will of the people has clearly been shown.
Let's forget the quarrels and show by our deeds,
we will give our leader all the help that he needs.
So let's all get together, and let bitterness pass,
I'll hug your elephant and you kiss my ass.

-Don Pickrel

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