The Brain Revolutionaries




Pop / Rock  (see reviews and samples down this page)

Neil Slade- electric guitar, SY77 synthesizer, electronic drums, bass, and vocals.

Sarah Rubow and Ruti Mor vocals. 



The AMYGDALA, of course, is one of the "secret" switches in your brain that scientists have found that can automatically cause pleasure when properly stimulated.

DIY Tickle Your Amygdala Animation (use Firefox or IE, and enable Flash)





10 Tracks, 44 Minutes

1. Give It To Me

2. Give Back Your Mu

3. Submarine

4. Repitition

5. Starlight

6. Puzzle

7. It'll Come Back

8. My Life

9. Mall Walk

10. Thump


Release date 1995,  Re-mastered 2019


Sample Tracks:  


My Life



Sarah singing My Life



See: History of The Brain Revolutionaries



Review by MICHAEL ROBERTS, Denver Westword Magazine, Music Editor

Amygdala Brainbites, the new CD from the BRAIN REVOLUTIONARIES, is dominated by material reviewed several months back in this space, but it sounds fresher than before, thanks to a remix that leaves the disc sounding as crisp and impressive as many national releases. NEIL SLADE and company have come up with a pop confection that'll leave you feeling smarter for having listened to it--which, if I'm not mistaken, was the idea all along.




It takes nuts to sing subtle tunes in the 90's--Almonds. (see Amygdala). the BRAIN REVOLUTIONARIES are passing out almond shaped brain candy that fills you up without leaving you feeling bloated, and I want more.

This is music for rebels without a cliché. It sports all the angst necessary to qualify it as rock and roll, but with a sophistication that may put it beyond the reach of your average drooling fan-type.

Who could write a song about karma that doesn't elicit images of paisley vests and peace signs, one that even makes you squirm a little with the realization that the concept of karma might apply to you? the BRAIN REVOLUTIONARIES could, and did, with "It'll Come Back".

Who could combine the feel of Jeff Beck with the frustration of the Violent Femmes and come up with a tasty concoction? You guessed it! The BRAIN REVOLUTIONARIES' tune "Puzzle" fits the bill.

Who could take Alice out of Wonderland and put her in a soft, melancholy, jilted-lover neverland? Yep: The BRAIN REVOLUTIONARIES, with "Starlight".

This CD sounds so good that I had to read the credits several times as I listened to assure myself that it was indeed recorded and produced in Denver. The production gives a reverent nod to vintage Jeff Beck, the song arrangement vintage Joe Jackson, all with a contemporary feel that won't melt in your pockets. Amygdala Brainbites is fun food for thought.

(Scott Renick is a recording engineer and veteran Colorado bassist.)

Neil Slade Album and Concert Reviews

Review by WESTON WELLS, Denver Academy

On Saturday, March 2, Neil Slade performed a concert, the likes of which you've never seen. Libraries are normally a quiet haven for the socially timid. But the Cherry Creek Branch of the Denver Public Library now has a new reputation, and broke the old stuffy mold when Neil Slade and friends came out of retirement and shattered the hallowed library silence.

Greeting audience at the entrance was the ubiquitous "Brain X", a mascot and driving force behind this one man hurricane (Brain-X being a real human brain in a jar on educational loan from Colorado's Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory). Assisting Neil at this show, was the rhythm devil of the day- Fred Poindexter, a palpitating percussion personality who magnified the effect of the music in logarithmic fashion.

Ensorcelling the audience as always were the multifaceted talents of Neil "that funky brain man" Slade, who picked up instruments as naturally as a housewife picks up ripe fruit from the produce section at Safeway. No instrument felt left out from the cornucopia of aural delicacies- acoustic and electric guitars, the mysterious "Zo" guitar , voice, and acoustic piano. Poindexter pounded out the beat on a plethora of primitive and modern drums, like a mad blacksmith forging raw steel.

The large community room was filled to the gunnels: standing room only- all seats were filled. Reactions typical of the broad based audience were: "Neil played with such vigor and enthusiasm, it was like the music exploded out of his chest!", and "My amygdalas clicked forward at the beginning of the show- and something really freaky happened to my brain!"

During the hour long set, including a short but informative brain anatomy pause, nobody was seen leaving even to go to the bathroom, despite gallons of free lemonade. There was consistent quality of performance, as well as variety, from the eerie yet sublime "Submarine" to the snappy and superlative "Shauna". Apparently the inclusion of many new songs from Slade's newest release "Tippy" hypnotized the audience into helpless submission in a most delightful manner.

After the show, library patrons were guided through the mind boggling maze of the Internet by Slade. He led ecstatic "newbies" on a journey through cyberspace, with a stop at his very own extensive World Wide Web Site, "Neil Slade's Amazing Brain Music Adventure" (

In conclusion, if you are looking for explosive musical neural pleasures, look no further than the latest offering from Neil Slade Music and Company.




Neil Slade's The Amazing Brain Adventure






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